10 Best Alcohol Brands to Bring Home From Goa

You cannot visit the sunshine state without returning with one or more of these homegrown alcohol brands that are a rage in Goa.

Published On Oct 09, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Goa is famous for a lot of things, and one of them is the state’s unique collection of alcohol. The number of alcohol brands available in Goa is increasing each day. Home to some of the best gins and tequilas, Goa liquor is as diverse as the crowd that frequents the holiday destination. Goa alcohol includes unique blends of feni infused with honey and cinnamon to the happy-high gin, made using hemp, juniper and lemongrass.

With exotic flavours, tantalising aromas and a refreshing aftertaste, Goa’s famous alcohol brands are whipping up new beverages and how! When in the sunshine state, there are a few best-sellers that should journey home with you. From the party capital of India, bring home these deliciously intoxicating brews that are not expensive imports but rather homegrown labels from the state.

10 of the Best Alcohol Brands to bring back from Goa

The best alcohol brands to house are often not the ones you hastily pick up at airports but Indian labels that are curated to complement our desi palette. Satiwa, one such famous drink of Goa, is a happy high gin made from the non-hallucinogenic part of the cannabis plant hemp. A mix of nutty, spicy and citrus notes, Satiwa is reasonably priced as compared to its competitors in the market.

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One of the most consumed and best liquor in Goa is gin. It’s no wonder that Stranger & Sons launched two new deliciously flavoured gins in February 2022. Trading Tides has botanical notes of lemon myrtle, river mint and citrus. While Spice Trade is aromatic and colourful but with bolder flavours of cashew, coriander, cardamom and red chilli. Trading Tides Goa liquor should be had the classic way with tonic water, and Spice Trade with a flavoured juice as a refreshing cocktail.

Goa’s famous alcohol has evolved from throat-burning tequilas to one of India’s smoothest party shots, Pistola. A 100% agave spirit homegrown in the state, it is nothing like the tequilas you’ve had before. With creamy hints of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch, Pistola is a product of Passcode Hospitality and the second brand of its kind after DesmondJi’s 51% and 100% agave spirits.

A Goa special drink, Doja is an Indo-Japanese gin infused with notes from Japan’s Wakayama and India’s popular spices. This delicious brew has hints of peppermint from Northeast India and cardamom from the South, along with yuzu lemon, sansho pepper and hinoki chips from Japan. Smooth on the palette, a sip of Doja will leave you with notes of pine and aromatic Indian spices. The aroma in itself is so scintillating that you’ll have to buy the entire bottle.

Goa's famous alcohol wine is a perfect meal pairing with heavy Goan delicacies. In an effort to replace the cheap port wine sold in plastic bottles, Reuben Coutinho and Tanishq Palekar launched an exotic port wine — Vinho Fontainhas. Inspired by the Latin Quarters of Goa, this famous drink of Goa is perfect for Sunday brunches. Its semi-sweet and dry flavour works well with sangria.

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Do you know how rum and coke were a thing? Well, that was before Sachin Bhamri and Vijay Khalate founded Earth Rum. A medium-spiced spirit with clove and amber undertones, you’ll want to have this Goa famous liquor with a few cubes of ice, a bit of water and maybe soda if you enjoy the fizz. Hints of vanilla, chocolate, star anise and pepper make Earth Rum one of the best liquor in Goa to take back home.

Goa liquor has evolved from cheap beers and port wines to unique blends of exquisite gin. Tamras gin is another one of Goa’s homebrewed concoctions that include citrus fruits, angelica root, green and black cardamom, lemon verbena, Egyptian grapefruit, Nilgiri tea, lotus flower and a bunch of other exotic ingredients.

Wondering what unique things to do in Goa? Head over to the Tamras gin distillery, tour the area and enjoy a fresh glass of gin and tonic at the beautiful outdoor lounge.

When you think of Goa famous liquor, you think of Cabo. Flavours similar to the delicious Caribbean Malibu rum, Cabo is Goa’s coconut liqueur. And if we may say, it is absolutely lip-smacking. A blend of sweet coconut extract and strong hints of white rum make this classic liqueur a hit among travellers. You can have Cabo neat, on the rocks or as a cocktail infused with fizz. Take home tropical goodness that will remind you of breezy evenings at a shack in Goa as you sip this Goa alcohol in the comfort of your home.

Among the best alcohol brands in India, Aani Ek is the brainchild of four feni aficionados — Clement DeSylva, Jill D'souza, Karlyle Gomes and Pritesh Desai. Goa’s famous alcoholic drink, feni, is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Infused with lemon, chilli, honey and cinnamon — to mute the strong cashew aroma — Aani Ek is a refreshing feni drink for first-time drinkers. Typical feni price in Goa is around INR 750 for a 700 ml bottle, making it one of the more reasonable buys to take back home.

Jin JiJi is a locally-brewed dry Indian gin made using botanicals found in the country’s dense forests. A rich mix of diverse ingredients that range from tulsi leaves to Darjeeling tea, this dry gin is a Goa famous alcohol brand to try. It features a unique blend of Indian botanicals with Himalayan juniper and grade A tea leaves from the Jungpana Tea Garden. Jin JiJi can be enjoyed with a slice of lime, ice and tonic water. Gin price in Goa, depending on the brand, can range from INR 1,500 to INR 3,500 for a 700 ml bottle.

These ten exotic and exclusive homegrown brands are some of the best Goa liquor to take home from your vacation in the sunshine state. If you are a teetotaler, try these non-alcoholic drinks for an equally fun vacation in the party capital. And if you’re not, try these exclusive whiskey brands for the next crowning jewel of your collection. We write this guide with a happy high and hope you have the same experience drinking them! 

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