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8 Non-Alcoholic Drinks That A Teetotaler Can Relish

From alcohol-free G&T to quintessential ginger beer, there are many options for those who want to take it easy with their alcohol.

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In a gathering, there are those who love their tipple and others who are teetotalers. The latter’s options, in such situations, are limited to sugar-laden soft drinks, energy drinks and juices. Not anymore. There are a bunch of brands that are now tapping into the market for non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in an effort to offer a better drinking experience. One of the biggest USPs for most of them is the fact that they are low calorie and low sugar drinks. 

There is also an increase in demand for non-alcoholic drinks by regular tipplers for health reasons leading to the concept of ‘mindful drinking’. This is a global phenomenon, according to No- and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study 2021 from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis no/low category gained 3 per cent market share within the total beverage alcohol market last year and the total volume is forecasted to grow by 31 per cent by 2024. So much so, traditional beer brands such as Heineken and Budweiser have introduced zero proof beer to cater to the evolving consumer.

Here are eight non-alcoholic drinks in India for you to explore:

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One of India’s boutique mixers brands, Svami also has a range of non-alcoholic ready to drink beverages. Available in three variants, these zero proof drinks offer the whole flavour spectrum without the kick. The flavours are Non-Alcoholic Rum n Cola, Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic, and Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin and Tonic. These are made use original spices, herbs and botanicals but without the booze. They’re also low-cal.

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When a craft brewery steps into the non-alcoholic drinks space, it leaves you a bit confused. But when It’s Kati Patang, you know it’s going to be interesting. The craft beer brand has three flavours of non-alcoholic sparkling cocktails—Not Gin and Tonic, Not Cosmopolitan and Not Old Fashioned. Each with a distinct flavour which is extracted from natural ingredients and botanicals.

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When couple Pankaj Aswani and Yashika Keswani found non-alcoholic beers during their travels it was an instant Eureka moment for them. They founded Coolberg as an alternative to alcoholic beers and spirits, especially for those who chose to be teetotalers. Today, Coolberg’s non-alcoholic beers are available in six flavours—cranberry, ginger, strawberry, peach, mint and malt. 

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Traditionally, Radler is a cocktail of low-alcohol beer and lemonade or grapefruit juice but Kingfisher used the concept to create its own Radler. Kingfisher Radler has a base of malt and hops, same as a beer, but with no alcohol. This is then blended with flavours—lemon, mint & lime, and ginger & lime.

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The world-famous Dutch beer brand, Heineken, has its own alcohol-free beer called Heineken 0.0. Made in the same lager style and with the same ingredients as their original alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0 has less than 0.03 per cent making it no alcohol.

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Brewed in the same process and with same ingredients as the original Budweiser, is Budweiser Zero. The biggest USP for this non-alcoholic brew is the minimal calories in the beer. Budweiser Zero has 30 per cent lesser sugar content than the alcoholic brew.

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3Sisters is a non-alcoholic brand that uses fresh and natural ingredients to produce its six flavours—cranberry, peach, kiwi mint, strawberry, German lager and ginger. Their USP is that it is not reversed engineered to remove alcohol but uses a zero percent alcohol retentive process.

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This Chandigarh-based non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer has three drinks—ginger beer, ginger ale and grapefruit ale. They are made using fresh ginger, fresh lime and a cane base. It is also preservative-free.

Photo: Gunsberg; respective brands
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