6 Whiskies In India With Highest Alcohol Percentage

The best whisky flavours and aromas when you need a stiff drink.

Published On May 11, 2022 | Updated On Apr 16, 2024


A conversation on whisky always revolves around the usual points that distinguish one from the other like aroma, tasting notes, and malts. But then some whisky daredevils also raise a question about the whisky alcohol percentage. For them the higher the alcohol the better. A whiskey with a high alcohol percentage carries a punch similar to the ones thrown in a boxing ring.

Here is a list of the Top 10 whiskies with the highest alcohol content.

This marvellous butch blend of variedly aged whiskies (5 to 25 years) is available in the market in small batches and is infused with a whisky alcohol percentage of 58 - 60. Ever since its first market appearance in 1997, the small batches of AberlourA'bunadh consist of a sweet and slightly tangerine-like flavour that hits your palate like anything. 


This Scottish elixir has the highest whisky alcohol percentage and is prepared without using any technology. It includes a 7-tonne mash tun and because the complete process of preparing it is manual, Bruichladdich has a distinct taste and an alcohol percentage of 50. In fact, this brand is under constant surveillance because their singular distilled equipment can also be made for preparing fatal chemicals. 

Right from the invigorating beaches of Goa to your whisky glass, Paul John Whisky is sure to get you quickly drunk. The alcohol percentage of this Whisky is 46 and it comes with a characteristic amber hue. It is prepared with a blend of Indian 6-Barley and Scottish barley. This whisky is known for its peculiar spice and chocolate, and almost coffee-like flavour that dominates your taste buds. 


It is not very usual that Canadian Whisky gets featured in the list of strong whiskies as most of them follow an industry standard. But Crown Royal is certainly not one of them. Dark in colour and with a strong aroma, Crown Royal comes at 90 US Proof. The alcohol percentage may vary from 40-45. It is specially aged in old oak barrels and is served with a creamy froth. This whisky comes from the Crown Royal Canadian whisky lineup.  


The Chivas Regal, neat or on the rock, is a whisky that is truly made to savour. It is a precise blend of the finest malt and grain whiskies that is sure to take you on a high ride. This popular whisky stands 43 on the alcohol whisky percentage and is one of the smoothest whiskies that you will ever come across. 


Take yourself and everyone else high with this smooth and scintillating whisky consisting of fruity and floral notes. It is sure to make your drink take centre stage amongst all the alcoholic drinks. The alcohol percentage is 42 and it is a mix of barley. Ballantine’s Blend is sure to make your weekend dreamy and fiery with its singular whiff of smoke. 

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