10 Best Indian Whisky Brands You Must Try

Uncork a world of flavour! Explore the best Indian whisky brands, where tradition meets modern mastery. From award-winning single malts to smooth blends, discover your perfect dram.

Published On Apr 16, 2024 | Updated On May 12, 2024


India is the world’s largest consumer of whisky, according to Statista. That's right, we knock back a whopping 46 per cent of the world's total consumption. With that said, we know there's a market dominated by blends both — domestic and international, to lure whisky aficionados. While international ones have their befitting place in the market, Indian whisky brands carve their path.

We're talking about smooth, easy-drinking options perfect for beginners, or complex single malts that rival the best in the world. But where do you even start?  This guide will be your compass, navigating you through the thrilling world of Indian whisky brands.  We'll unveil hidden gems, introduce you to the smoothest operators, and show you how to find your perfect pour. So, ditch the ordinary and get ready for a whisky adventure unlike any other, but before that be prepared for, notes of tropical fruit mingling with warm cardamom, or a hint of peppery heat dancing on your tongue.

 A craft Indian whisky brand lauded for its bold flavors. 

Amrut/ Instagram 

Leading the charge in India's single malt revolution is Amrut, a Bengaluru-based Indian whisky brand with a rich history dating back to 1948. Initially producing a variety of spirits, Amrut turned its focus to single malts in the 1980s, becoming a pioneer in the category. They source their barley from the foothills of the Himalayas, where the cooler climate helps retain the grain's natural flavours. However, the hot and humid conditions of Bangalore accelerate maturation, allowing Amrut to achieve complex flavours in a shorter time frame compared to whiskies aged in cooler climates.  

Their flagship single malt, simply called Amrut Single Malt Whisky, is a great starting point, offering a delightful interplay of smoky liquorice and bourbon notes, balanced by hints of molasses, and barley,  culminating in a creamy toffee finish. This award-winning whisky is a testament to Amrut's dedication to quality and innovation.

Famous whiskies: Amrut Fusion Single Malt and Amrut Cask Strength

Price range (750 ml):  INR 3600 to INR 7000  (USD 45 to USD 85) approximately  

Himalayan single malt offering flavours of fruit, spice, and oak.

Indri/ Facebook 

Born in 2021 on the banks of the Yamuna River, Indri whisky is an award-winning spirit that blends innovation with tradition. The Piccadilly distillery in Haryana utilises time-tested methods to distil whisky from the unique six-row barley grown in India.  This barley imparts a slightly nutty character that sets the stage for Indri's true innovation — its maturation process.

Trini, meaning three in Hindi, refers to the whisky's journey through three cask types – ex-bourbon, ex-French wine, and PX sherry. Each cask leaves its mark, with ex-bourbon lending vanilla notes, ex-wine adding a touch of pepper, and PX sherry imparting hints of blackcurrant. The result is a complex and well-rounded spirit. India's one of the best Indian whisky brands' carries hints of black tea, caramelised pineapple, and raisins.

For the full flavour experience, enjoy it neat or with a splash of water. Currently available in Delhi, Haryana, and Maharashtra, Indri is a rising star in the Indian whisky scene.

Famous whiskies: Indri Single Malt Whisky

Price range (750 ml): INR 3000 to INR 5400  (USD 36 to USD 65) approximately  

The whisky brand known for it's smooth texture and tropical fruit notes, with hints of spice. 

PaulJohnWhisky/ Instagram

Forget sun-drenched beaches and swaying palm trees – in Goa, a different kind of magic is being bottled. Paul John Distillery, established in 1992, is putting India on the single malt map, one innovative expression at a time. This Indian whisky brand ditches the typical Scottish barley and sources its six-row goodness from the Himalayas, where the cool air keeps the grain's natural sweetness intact.  But the journey doesn't end there. The casks make their way down to Goa, where the tropical climate acts like a time warp, accelerating maturation and infusing the spirit with a twist.

The result? Award-winning single malts that are bursting with character. Take their Paul John Mithuna, named after the Indian counterpart of Gemini – a true masterpiece of maturation. Imagine a symphony of flavours on your tongue — liquorice mingles with a touch of beeswax, whispers of honey and vanilla emerge, and a hint of spice lingers on the finish. Paul John isn't about following tradition; it's about embracing the terroir of India to create single malts that are both familiar and excitingly different.

Famous whiskies: Paul John Single Malt and Paul John Mithuna ( World's 3rd Finest Whisky)

Price range (750 ml):  INR 2500 to INR 7000  (USD 30 to USD 85) approximately and upwards, depending on the rarity. 

 Indian single malt boasting flavours of fruit and spice with a nutty finish. 

Kamet Whisky/ Instagram 

Kamet takes you on a whirlwind tour of India, one delicious sip at a time. Inspired by the mighty Mount Kamet, a behemoth in the Uttarakhand Himalayas that stands sentinel near the distillery, this Indian whisky brand boasts a deep connection to the country's land. Kamet's mascot, the vibrant Indian parrot, reflects the rich cultural scene that thrives in the villages surrounding the Kurukshetra distillery. It's a subtle nod to the very spirit of India itself.

Within the embrace of traditional copper pot stills, the whisky is gently coaxed to life, a magical transformation. Then comes the ageing process, where flavours waltz in a meticulous dance. Imagine ex-Bourbon American Oak casks serenading the spirit with whispers of vanilla and caramel sweetness, while ex-wine French Oak casks leave behind delicate hints of juicy fruit. Finally, ex-Sherry casks add a layer of richness, a flourish of dark chocolate notes.

For now, finding Kamet might be an adventure in itself, with availability limited to select regions like Goa, Maharashtra, and Haryana. But trust us, the discovery is worth the effort.

Famous whisky: Kamet Indian Single Malt Whisky

Price range (750 ml): INR  2999 to INR 5400 (USD 33 to USD 67) approximately 

Indian single malt with spicy warmth balanced with creamy vanilla notes.

Godawan/ Instagram

Crafted in Rajasthan, India, Godawan is a single malt whisky brand that pays homage to the Great Indian Bustard, a majestic and endangered bird native to the region. Diageo India produces Godawan at their Alwar distillery, which is known for its water-positive practices and commitment to sustainability. Recently, their single malt whisky named Godawan Century was declared World's Best Single Malt at the 2024 London Spirits Competition. 

They source six barley, a local ingredient, and mature the whisky in a combination of American ex-bourbon and European oak casks with temperatures reaching 38°C. The resulting expressions, like their Rich & Rounded and Fruit & Spice varieties, are known for their distinctive flavour profiles influenced by Rajasthan's warm climate and finished using casks infused with rare Indian botanicals.

Famous whiskies: Godawan Single Malt Rich and Rounded Artisan Whisky and Godawan Fruit And Spicy Whisky

Price range (750 ml): INR 5,400 to INR 5,500 (USD 65 to USD 67) approximately

Indian whisky brand with delicate sweetness, with a hint of spice.

GianChand/ Instagram

Hailing from Jammu, India, GianChand is a single malt whisky brand named after its founder, Dewan Gian Chand, a visionary who championed the creation of high-quality malts in the country. Their flagship distillery, tucked away in the Himalayas on the banks of the Tawi River, benefits from the region's climate and geography.

GianChand uses locally sourced ingredients and their signature long-necked copper pot stills to craft a single malt whisky known for its rich golden colour. The spirit boasts a distinctive flavour profile — a pleasant balance of sweetness, spice, and subtle peaty fruit notes — that reflects its Himalayan heritage. Currently, this Indian whisky brand can only be bought in Ladakh, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Delhi.

Famous whiskies: GianChand Indian Single Malt

 Price range (750 ml): INR 4,490 to INR 5,200 (USD 54  to USD 63) approximately

Indian single malt that offers tropical twist on classic spice.


Rampur Distillery, established in 1943, holds the title of India's oldest operational distillery. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rampur benefits from the naturally cool climate that nurtures their barley, influencing the spirit's character. They're known for their adherence to tradition, using copper pot stills for distillation and relying on the expertise of experienced craftsmen.

These meticulously crafted spirits are then aged in imported American Standard Oakwood barrels. This ageing process imbues the spirits with exquisite flavours, perfect for their distinguished niche of premium brands. This award-winning expression is a perfect introduction to the Rampur legacy, where heritage meets quality in every sip.

They boast one of the largest malt spirit maturation units, capable of handling a staggering 2.6 million litres annually.

Famous whiskies: Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky, Rampur Asava, Rampur Double Cask Single Malt Whisky and Rampur Select

Price range (750 ml): INR 1,000 to INR 5,00,000 (USD 12  to USD 6100) approximately

Indian whisky brand with a hint of charred coconut.

Cotombi Reserve/ Instagram

Unlike other Indian single malts, Cotombi Reserve, produced by Adinco Distilleries in Goa, breaks the mould. Instead of a traditional malt base, Cotombi Reserve features a special blend. Adinco incorporates highland scotch malt whisky alongside India's finest Sharbati wheat. 

This unusual combination is then triple-distilled and matured in American oak casks. But the real twist comes from the infusion of charred coconut shells. This innovative process imbues Cotombi Reserve with a smoky, peaty character, distinct from typical Indian whiskies. The result is a tropical twist on the spirit, perfect for adventurous palates.

Famous whisky: Old Oak Cotombi Reserve Charred Whisky

Price range (750 ml):  INR 2000 (USD 24) approximately and upwards, depending on the rarity. 

Indian whisky with a spicy kick and a touch of sweetness.

Crzy Cock/ Instagram

Crazy Cock, a brand with a name that stands out, is a single malt whisky produced by South Seas Distilleries in Dahanu, Maharashtra. Launched in 2018, it offers a unique perspective on Indian single malts. They source their barley from the pristine plains of North India and utilise traditional copper pot distillation methods. Crazy Cock offers two main expressions — Rare and Dhua.

Rare is matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, creating a full-bodied flavour with hints of vanilla, spice, and fruit. Dhua, which translates to smoke in Hindi, is a peated expression for those who enjoy a touch of smokiness in their whisky.

Famous whiskies: Crazy Cock Rare Whisky and Crazy Cock Dhua Whisky 

Price range (750 ml):  INR 8,900 to INR  10,000 (USD 107 to USD 120) approximately and upwards, depending on the rarity. 

This Indian whisky brand offers bold and smoky flavours. 

Castle Dark Knight/ Instagram

While Radiant Manufacturers might not be as widely known for single malts as some other Indian distilleries, they're making a name for themselves with their explicit approach. Established in 1992 in Assam, they're one of the few distilleries in the northeast of India. This region boasts a distinct climate that influences the character of their spirits.

Unlike many Indian single malt producers who focus on barley, Radiant experiments with local grains. Their Castle Hill single malt series showcases this innovation. Using a combination of indigenous six-row barley and other regional grains like corn and broken rice, they create a base spirit with a distinctly Indian character.

Matured in a combination of new oak casks, Castle Hill offers a bold and spicy profile. Castle Hill is a perfect example of Radiant's commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting single malts that are distinctly Indian.

Famous whisky: Castle Hill’s Dark Knight Whisky

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