7 Spectacular Waterfalls In Goa That You Can't Miss

Goa has more to offer than just its silver sand shores.

Published On Sep 16, 2022 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


When you think of Goa, you think of the beaches, beer, and burgeoning party scene. Contrary to popular belief, Goa is blessed in abundance with breathtaking natural beauty. One such awe-inspiring scenic setting is the waterfall in Goa. A sight so beautiful that you will forget those sun-drenched beaches in a jiffy. One of the most unique things to do in Goa is to witness its hidden gems. The cascading Goa falls are tucked away from the city’s bustling tourist crowd. You might have to go the extra mile to see waterfalls in Goa, but take our word for it, you will be mesmerised.

Here are 7 hidden waterfalls in Goa:


Located in Valpoi city, the Hivre waterfall in North Goa is a favourite among locals. Packed on the weekends the waterfalls are proof of the paradisiacal beauty hidden in Goa. Attracting nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers, the 45-minute trek to the top offers a surreal view of moss-laden rocks ahead.

While the little ones take a refreshing dip at the Valpoi waterfall in Goa, set up camp nearby and try your hand at delicious Goan monsoon specialties. A rare green that grows during the rainy season, Takilio pakoras after a swim are perfect to munch on with piping hot tea. Here’s the recipe for an off-beat monsoon food in Goa.


A breathtaking waterfall in Goa, Tambadi Surla waterfalls, Goa is still untouched by the commercial tourist crowd. Encircled by the mystical beauty of dense jungles, this cascading waterfall in North Goa has a heritage temple located at the foot of the falls. For an exciting adventure, trek through Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary till Tambadi Surla as you spot exotic flora and fauna en route.


The Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa is a must-visit spot when in the area. Originating from the Mandovi River, the gushing water falls from a height of 130 m into milky froths that create a cool mist around the area. Enveloped in resplendent natural beauty the falls along with their lush green surrounding make an excellent spot for family pictures.

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The Netravali waterfall, Goa is blessed with photographic beauty. Sprawling over 211 sq km, the majestic Goa waterfalls are preserved as a wildlife sanctuary in the Western Ghats range. Steeped in dense forests that are home to some of the world’s most exquisite birds and animals, Netravali is the best waterfall in Goa. Located just two hours from Margao in North Goa, the falls post monsoons are gushing with milky foams that fill the plunge pool to the brim. Relax in the cool waters as you immerse yourself in the calming tranquillity of the area.


Encompassed within the sprawling greens of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Mainapi waterfall Goa is a sight for sore eyes. A popular spot for tourists and locals that visit the area as a getaway from the crowded beaches, Mainapi ranks among the top waterfalls in Goa. Tucked deep into the sanctuary, you will need to embark on a 4.85 km trek to witness its cascading beauty amid the wilderness.

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The Harvalem waterfall, Goa cascades from a height of 50 m, with a roar so powerful that will leave you astounded. Monsoon is a great time to visit the Harvalem waterfall in Goa. The white waters flow noisily through a rocky terrain into the plunge pool, where you can enjoy a safe dip in the refreshing reservoir. Relax by the waterfall or hike up to the rock hollow caves dating back to the 5th century, believed to be a dwelling spot of the Pandavas. After a wholesome day, indulge in a comforting meal from Goa’s monsoon bounty. Here are some coastal delicacies that are a must-try.


One of the most charming waterfalls in South Goa, Bamanbudo is blessed with a picturesque backdrop of Ambe ghats. Looking like a water slide from the middle, this south Goa waterfall is perfect for lazy travellers. The scenic setting and hassle-free path up to the waterfall make it a popular spot for family picnics.

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Goa is more than just a beach destination. Steeped in natural beauty and a raging nightlife with fun alcohol experiences in Goa, this coastal region of the West, will transport you to a world without any worries. 

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