Give Your Home A Makeover With These 7 Wall Painting Ideas

7 wall painting ideas to give your house a new look.

Published On Apr 17, 2023 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


Any area in your house can benefit from painted walls to add character and energy. Here are 7 wall painting ideas that can assist in improving your home's decor, whether you want to make a statement or just add a little colour.

During the past few years, the ombre wall painting design has grown in popularity as a trend in interior design, and for a good reason. With the use of this wall painting design, the colour will fade from dark to light or vice versa, producing a lovely gradient effect. It's the ideal way to keep your walls neutral and peaceful while adding a light touch of colour to them.

You must select a colour scheme and decide on the gradient's direction before you can make an ombré wall painting design. The lightest colour can be used as a base coat and lighter hues can be made by combining that colour with white. Alternately, to make darker hues, start with the darkest colour and blend it with black. Then, sweep the paint from top to bottom or bottom to top while blending the colours, and apply it using a paint roller or sponge.


The secret to a successful ombré wall design is effortlessly merging the colours. To get the desired effect, you might need to go over the wall numerous times while blending the colours. When you're satisfied with the outcome, give the paint time to completely cure before furnishing or adding any decorations.

Any room will benefit from the richness and depth of geometric wall painting design. They can produce a striking feature wall or subtly add interest to a plain room. You can utilise a variety of geometric designs, such as triangles, squares, hexagons, and circles.

The first step in making a geometric wall painting design is selecting the shape and size of your elements. The shapes on the wall can be traced with masking tape, or cardboard can be used to make stencils. Then, paint the shapes to make the pattern using a contrasting colours.


Choose a matching hue for the forms and the wall to create a tone-on-tone impression for a more understated appearance. Also, you can experiment with various sizes and shapes to make a distinctive design that embodies your sense of style.

If you want to give your area a bit of personality and imagination, abstract wall paintings are a great choice. There are no boundaries when it comes to producing an abstract wall painting design; it can contain anything from bold brushstrokes to detailed motifs.

Selecting your colour scheme is the first step in creating an abstract wall painting design. Choose one hue or several colours that go well with your decor. The paint should next be applied on the canvas in a haphazard, natural manner using a brush or sponge. To make a special and dynamic painting, try experimenting with various techniques like splattering, dripping, or layering.


Abstract artwork can be hung as a large statement piece on a feature wall or as a collection of smaller works that liven up a space. Depending on the size and shape of the picture, they can be hung in a variety of ways, including horizontally, vertically, or in a cluster.

Without committing to wallpaper, stencilled walls are a terrific way to add design to your walls. Because stencils are simple to apply and are available in a range of sizes and shapes. It's simple to create a wall painting design which is a distinctive pattern that expresses your sense of style.

Selecting your stencil and paint colour is the first step in making a stencilled wall painting design. Applying paint over the stencil with a brush or roller will let you make a design on the wall. The stencil needs to be moved around the wall as you repeat the wall painting design until the entire wall is covered.


Stencilled walls can be utilised to give interest to a corridor or foyer, or they can be used to make a highlight wall in a bedroom or living room.

A terrific method to make a statement in your room is by creating mural walls. Murals can be made to order in any style, and they can be as simple and abstract or as complex and detailed as you choose to make them. Using projectors or stencils, you can construct your own mural if you choose, or you can engage a professional artist to do it for you.


It's crucial to plan out your mural before you start and select the ideal wall for the wall painting design. To achieve the desired appearance, you'll also need to select your paint colours and painting supplies, such as brushes and rollers.

Mural walls can be used in any room of the house, but they are especially effective in living rooms and bedrooms since they can serve as the room's centre point. They can also be used to create a lively and playful atmosphere in a kid's bedroom.

A terrific approach to give your walls depth and intrigue is using textured walls. Many methods, such as stucco, plaster, or even wallpaper, can be used to create textured walls. Walls with texture can give a space a sleek, contemporary feel or a rustic, natural sense.


You must decide on your technique and materials before you can construct a textured wall. Applying plaster or stucco to the wall with a trowel is an option, as is using wallpaper with a raised pattern. After applying the textured material, you can paint it any colour you like to give it a distinctive -appearance.

You may add a decorative touch to your walls without committing to a full pattern or design by stencilling the borders. Stencilled borders can be utilised to give interest to a plain, neutral wall or to create a discreet frame around a main wall.
This wall painting design can be used to either frame a particular section or be repeated down the entire length of the wall.

Stencilled borders work well in any area of the house, but they work particularly well in bathrooms or kitchens, where they may lend a bit of individuality and intrigue to a small space.

There are endless ways to design your walls to ensure your wall decor fits your personal taste, from textured walls to ombré walls. Wall paintings are a terrific way to improve your home's decor, whether you want to make a statement or just add a little colour. So, get out your paintbrushes and get to work!

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