7 Healthy Winter Recipes That Are Easy to Make

As the winter approaches, so do health woes. The best way to stay fit this season is to incorporate seasonal produce, and here are 7 healthy winter recipes you should try.

Published On Nov 02, 2023 | Updated On Feb 27, 2024


Winter is here, and with it are all the health issues that come with it. Cold, flu, and infections, all take a toll on our body. As much as one is advised to be safe, the key to cruising through the season is to build immunity. And what better than seasonal produce to help do so? With globalisation, we’ve gotten on board with internally acclaimed superfoods, and often forget the local gems. Seasonal produce, and the recipes associated with it, have long been known to keep us strong and hearty. This is why with the winter season, we see a rise in saags, warmer food, different sets of vegetables, and the inclusion of jaggery wherever possible.

Keeping this in mind, here are 7 healthy winter recipes that are easy to make


Saag or leafy greens don’t have to be boring, and this healthy winter recipe by Chef Ajay Chopra is proof. Chicken cooked in spicy spinach and fenugreek gravy is perfect for days you want to feel special, and both the ingredients are extremely nutritious and vitamin-rich.

Like other cruciferous vegetables, Turnips are rich in nutrients while being low on calories. Typically consumed in winter when they’re relatively small and sweet, turnips can also be pickled. This healthy vegetarian winter recipe by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi uses sundried turnips which only enhance the flavours. Straight from Punjab, this is a dish you must try.


This list would have been incomplete without everyone’s favourite Gajar Halwa. Having had this healthy winter recipe made by our mothers all our lives, Chef Ajay Chopra’s simple version only makes trying this in our own kitchen easy. The only thing to keep in mind should you want your gajar halwa to stand out is to use ruby red carrots and not Ooty carrots which are more frequently available around us. Also, did you know, that a variant of gajar halwa uses purple-black carrots and is called kali gajar ka halwa. If visiting in winter, try this halwa and other treats in Lucknow.


Turmeric is known for its nutritious properties, and raw turmeric is even more so. Kachhi haldi ki sabzi is a Rajasthani healthy winter recipe that you must try. Made in Marwari households during weddings and auspicious occasions, this dish is a little earthy and bitter but so worth trying.


Jaggery is an imperative part of healthy winter recipes, and this dish is quite a twist. A sweet delight, this jaggery recipe, with the addition of ginger powder turns it a bit earthy and spicy, making it perfect for aftermeals.


With all the flavours of a typical chaat but the goodness of sweet potatoes, this healthy winter recipe is perfect for the days you want something spicy and fun. Had all over the country, there are regional variations in the sauces and spices used, and this version from Mumbai is a must-try.

We know it sounds weird, but we still suggest you give this healthy vegetarian winter recipe a try. Palak Halwa is a perfect way to marry health and taste, and with the use of khoya, this healthy winter recipe is sure to blow everyone’s mind. Made by Chef Kunal Kapoor here, it also replaces sugar with jaggery powder, instantly elevating not only the taste but also placing it firm on the list of healthy winter recipes you must try.

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