Gear Up For The Rains: 7 Places In India Perfect For Monsoon Travel

This rainy season, these 7 are among the best places to visit in the monsoon in India for the perfect holiday

Published On May 08, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


It would be an understatement if we said that Bollywood has romanticised the rains to a whole new level for us all. From Tip Tip Barsa Paani to Koi Ladki Hai and so many more mega-hits, when it rains, we all have our chai, pakodas and playlist ready, right? But now, we’re bringing to you the best places to visit in the monsoon in India just so you can have a trip you will remember forever!

For good reason, India's monsoon is one of the most anticipated and joyous seasons of the year. It is a time of year that turns the nation into a verdant paradise and offers much-needed relief from the oppressive heat of the summer. Thanks to the huge drop in temperature brought on by the monsoon season, it is the perfect time to visit various monsoon destinations in India. In comparison to the scorching heat of the summer, the temperature during monsoon season is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, which is generally categorised as pleasant. The cool rains create the perfect environment for trekking, sightseeing and seeing India's natural splendour. And if you happen to live in or visit places that are surrounded by the sea, the monsoon will bring with it beautiful, cool winds. Having said that, India’s hill stations shine in their own glory during the rains. 


Some of the best places to visit in monsoon in India are the popular hill stations, known for their scenic scenery, such as Darjeeling, Shimla, Ooty, and Munnar. he often dry and desolate hills and valleys are converted into beautiful landscapes with luxuriant flora. The chirping of birds and the sound of waterfalls bring the trees to life and enhance the atmosphere. India's monsoon season offers unrivalled natural splendour, making it the perfect time to visit and experience the fauna and ecosystem of the nation.

Experiencing Indian culture and festivities is best done during the monsoon season. The nation is renowned for its rich cultural diversity, and each state celebrates and practises customs differently. Many festivals, such as Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, and Ganesh Chaturthi, which are observed with a lot of fanfare throughout the nation, start during the monsoon season. The brilliant hues, music, and dance that define these festivals can be experienced by travelling to India during the monsoon season.

Indian cuisine is best enjoyed during the monsoon season. The nation is renowned for its tasty and varied food, which varies depending on the area. Samosas, pakoras, and bhajjias are among the hot and savoury foods that street food vendors sell during the monsoon season and are ideal for eating while observing the rain. Mango fans can indulge in the various types of this fruit that are available around this period, which also heralds the start of the mango season.

Kerala's lovely hill town of Munnar is well-known for its waterfalls, tea estates, and tranquil atmosphere, and is a popular destination to visit in monsoon in India. This is the best place to visit during the monsoon in India because the hills and valleys are alive with lush foliage and foggy clouds. In the nearby national parks, you can go on wildlife safaris, camping trips, and trekking excursions. The best way to get to Munnar is by car, and the closest airport is Cochin International Airport. Echo Point, Kundala Lake, and Mattupetty Dam are a few of the well-liked attractions.

A stunning city in Rajasthan called Udaipur is a well-known destination to visit during the monsoon in India because of its palaces, lakes, and gardens. A welcome weather change during the monsoon season makes it the perfect time to see the city's ancient sites, such as City Palace, Jagdish Temple, and Lake Pichola. Also available to visitors are boat cruises, sightseeing, and market shopping. Maharana Pratap Airport is the closest airport, and the city has excellent road and rail connections.

Shillong, a picturesque hill town in Meghalaya, is well-known for its caverns, waterfalls, and adventurous pursuits. Shillong is a great location to visit in Monsoon in India because the waterfalls are in full flow and the hills are clothed with lush vegetation. The nearby national parks offer opportunities for hiking, caving, and camping for visitors. The city has excellent road connections, and Umroi Airport is the closest airport.

Goa is a popular travel destination renowned for its nightlife, beaches, and Portuguese heritage. Although Goa's monsoon season is an off-season, it is the ideal location to visit in the monsoons in India if you want to avoid the crazy season crowd and take in the tranquil ambience. Beach strolls, water activities, and sightseeing are all options for visitors. Dabolim Airport is the closest airport, and the city has excellent road and rail connections. Dudhsagar Falls, Fort Aguada, and Baga Beach are a few of the area's well-liked attractions.


West Bengal's picturesque hill town of Darjeeling is well-known for its tea estates, monasteries, and scenic appeal. The greatest time to visit Darjeeling is during the monsoon season when the tea gardens are in full bloom and the hills are shrouded in mist. Trekking, sightseeing, and shopping in the local markets are all options for tourists. Bagdogra Airport is the closest airport, and there are good road and train connections to the city.

Karnataka's Coorg is a stunning hill station famed for its waterfalls, coffee farms, and picturesque beauty. This is a great location to visit in Monsoon in India because the hills are blanketed with lush vegetation and foggy clouds. Travellers have the option of going hiking, camping, and sightseeing. The city has good road connections, and Mangalore Airport is the closest airport.

Rajasthan's vivacious city of Jaipur is well-known for its forts, palaces, and vibrant markets. The best time to visit Jaipur is during the monsoon season because the temperature is lovely and there are fewer tourists around. Visitors can go shopping, sightseeing, and sample local cuisine. Jaipur International Airport is the closest airport, and the city has excellent road and rail connections. Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, and Amber Fort are some of the well-known sights.

The best way to enjoy monsoon season is to indulge in activities such as hiking, camping, bird watching, waterfall exploration, sipping hot beverages, reading, spending time with loved ones, indulging in comfort food, and simply watching the rain.

Shillong, Meghalaya; Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir; Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand; Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra; Wayanad, Kerala; Munnar, Kerala; Coorg, Karnataka are locations that provide breathtaking scenery, lush vegetation, and comfortable weather. Additionally, they provide a variety of activities like hiking, camping, and sightseeing.

Consider travelling to locations like Goa, Coorg, Munnar, Cherrapunji, and Darjeeling if you're seeking a holiday during the rainy season because they each have their own special appeal. Prior to making travel plans during the monsoon season, it is crucial to verify the weather forecast and road conditions as some places may have difficulties owing to high rains and landslides.

While travelling during monsoon, there are a few things you might need to take care of: For example, carrying the right sandals for the monsoon and carrying clothes made from monsoon-friendly fabric. Health care in monsoons is a concern, especially when trying to combat the obvious monsoon-related lethargy.

Photo: Rudra Gupta on Unsplash