5 Breathable Fabrics To Help You Stay Fresh All-Day Long During The Monsoon

The sweat and humidity can get the better of you during the monsoon season. So switch to these breathable fabrics when it’s pouring cats and dogs.

Published On Aug 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Raise your hand if the post-rain weather always makes you feel like going out for lunch, a drive, or an outdoor get-together. Well, I, for one, definitely look forward to stepping out and enjoying the pleasant weather. What dampens my spirits though is the humidity that often ruins my fashionable lewks carefully put together to match the freshness of the atmosphere out there. It doesn’t help that sometimes, the unexpected post-rain shower also plays a spoilsport and literally washes out all that effort I put in to get ready. What’s even worse is that the dampness and the sweat makes you smell like a dozen roses—rotten ones, I mean.

Now, I am sure that you all can relate to this monsoon-fashion trouble I just confessed to having. But the good news is that I found my fashion fix in these five breathable fabrics that keep the malodour at bay and help me stay fresh even when the humidity is at its peak. The best part is that these monsoon-friendly fabrics are hassle-free and tailor-made to tackle the rains—while making you look like a diva through it all. Give them a try and you will definitely thank me later.

The easiest way to decode monsoon fashion is to opt for monsoon-friendly fabrics. If you’re wondering how to select the right kind of monsoon-friendly textile for yourself, there are a few features you should be looking for. Breathability, for instance, is something you’ve got to check for. It can help keep the odour at bay by allowing the air to pass. You also don’t want a clingy fabric that sticks to your body or a thick one that just doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and the sweat to evaporate. But then you also don’t want something that becomes transparent if you get drenched and or something that takes ages to dry. Synthetics, of course, are a big no. Now, if this check-list has confused you, we’re here to make it simpler. These five monsoon-friendly fabrics are the real deal and you can count on them to stay fashionable and fresh through the wet and humid season:

No points for guessing, cotton is the monsoon-fashion favourite for most people and I am no exception. Not only does the fabric dry off easily but the natural ventilation it offers keeps the humidity-induced sweat from making you smell like a dozen rotten eggs. From a comfort and fashion point of view, you can opt for soft cotton that’s flowy. It’ll fall beautifully on the natural contours of the body and accentuate your curves even if the silhouette is loose and comfy. You can even add some texture to the look by going for crinkled cotton. Don’t forget to check for transparency in case the fabric gets wet. Opting for bold prints in darker colours is one way to avoid the situation and of course, it can add a funky vibe to your whole rainy-day look.

This one is a lightweight, plain-woven, and more breathable version of cotton. It’s simply the best when it comes to staying comfy and cool during the humid weather as it dries super-fast. Casual muslin co-ord sets in bold prints or bright colours can make you look like a monsoon fashion diva—all this while keeping malodour and sweat at bay.

Rayon has a slight sheen on its surface and looks like silk. But thanks to its cotton-like airy construction, it can keep you way comfier during the rainy season. You can opt for mini and midi dresses made with this monsoon-friendly fabric in bright colours and prints. Pair them with your flip-flops and a cross-body bag and you’re good to go.

If you want a non-transparent fabric with a water-proof effect, crepe can be your best bet. It has a slight sheen too and can lend a dressier vibe to your look. Everything from dresses and co-ord sets to comfy tops would look great in this monsoon-friendly fabric.

You may feel like a denim-on-denim look is not really for the summer—but trust me, it can work wonderfully during the monsoon season. For one, denim will not turn transparent if it rains while you’re out. If you choose a thinner denim fabric, it’ll also be breathable and keep the odour and sweat at bay. Remember to opt for loose pants and oversized shirts in this monsoon-friendly fabric to stay cool and comfy in it.

You can opt for the most breathable fabric but the humidity may still get to you and make you smell bad. That’s why it’s important to support the fabric’s hard work by refreshing your cologne while on the go, bathing properly before stepping out, and using a roll-onto simply seal the deal. Also, avoid using a heavy moisturiser, sunscreen, and make-up before stepping out in the monsoon season as they’ll make you sweat more. Use gel-based products and keep the base layers minimal. Tie your hair or they’ll turn frizzy and make you sweat even more. A neat updo, a high ponytail, or a stylish braid can up your monsoon fashion quotient and help you stay cool too. Keep you accessories minimal and opt for comfy footwear like flip flops and open-toe espadrilles.

With all these tips by your side, you’re sure to look like a monsoon fashion diva while smelling great and staying cool and comfy. Happy monsoon!

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