Learn How To Style Bottom Wear In Monsoon From Unnati Malharkar

Don’t let a rainy day play a spoilsport on your sense of style.

Published On Jul 28, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Who doesn’t love a rainy-day holiday? But the reality is that life doesn’t come to a standstill. Schools and colleges continue, office hours don’t change—forcing us to brave the monsoon lashes, get wet and invariably be comfortable all day.

We may prepare well, whether by carrying fashionable rainwear or by wearing practical shirts and tops, but we always fall short somewhere. Some of these are our pants, skirts, salwars and more—bottom wear in general.

That’s why we spoke to Unnati Malharkar, a Mumbai-based lifestyle and fashion digital content creator. Here, she shares how she deals with fashion woes caused by the maximum city’s manic monsoon.

Edited excerpts:

I think it depends on everybody's personal style. Personally, I absolutely love the comfort and style that wide-legged bottoms give. They give your look that extra chic element. So, you should definitely have a few wide-legged bottoms in your wardrobe as you'll be able to pair them with numerous tops.  Nowadays, flared bottoms are also back in trend and they look amazing. You should definitely have at least one of those.

The most important tip is to avoid long bottoms. Your bottoms will unnecessarily get wet and then you'll have to carry them all-day long. They also get ruined due to muddy water and splashes. Nobody likes to sacrifice their beautiful bottoms to the monsoon. Also, buy an umbrella that wouldn't limit your looks but complement it. I think pastel-coloured umbrellas go with every look. That way, you can be stylish even in the monsoon.

I want to stress on the fact that it is really very important to wear the right kind of fabric during monsoon. Otherwise, your bottoms will lose their firmness and shine. Plus, materials that dry easily should be worn during monsoon because we know how difficult it is to dry clothes during the rainy season. So, if we think and choose our bottoms smartly, we can appear stylish without struggling much.


I don't think I can define it or call anything a strict no-no. After all, it's all about enjoying the season without having to struggle. So, just wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. The definition of comfort is different for everybody and you should just follow your heart and not restrict yourself to any no-nos.

What you can do is incorporate all these trending elements as a part of your accessories. I think glitter or neon accessories really elevate any look even if you're wearing something very basic. It adds an element of fun to your overall look. We can wear accessories in any season and stand out, so why not during the monsoon?

I like wearing a normal t-shirt and shorts during the monsoon to avoid making my bottoms wet. It gives me comfort plus a very laid-back yet cool look which reflects my vibe well. I usually prefer sneakers during the monsoon as they're comfortable and easily washable. 

Photo: Instagram/ Unnati Malharkar