Try these Monsoon Sandal Trends to Up Your Fashion Game This Season

Monsoon Sandals that are trendy and fashionable

Published On Sep 28, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


If you ask a person what their favourite season is, often, the answer would be monsoons. The season holds significance to everyone; the love birds who like to indulge in some romance, the singletons who like to dance in the rain, and the nature lovers who like going for a walk and smell the fresh petrichor. The rain is for everybody! But to do all this freely, one must be confident about how they twirl around in the rainfall. To do that, one must have comfortable sandals for monsoon.

Rain has been where the artist romanticises their art and gets creative, where the kids run to the playground with their football or the tea lover rushes to the tea stall for a steaming cup of tea.

Dancing around in the rain is all fun, but the not-so-fun part about it is your favourite footwear ruined in the muddy water. Once your favourite pair of heels or those milky white sneakers turn into a dirty brown, there is no way to salvage them. If you are going to work or going for a day out, all you need is a sturdy pair of sandals that meet the latest trend.

Here are 6 types of Sandals that you must consider before buying for the Monsoon season:


A pair of basic flip-flops are the most common footwear but great for the monsoon season. A flip-flop can be found in everybody’s shoe closet, a man or a woman. It can be a pair of trendy sandals for women and comfort wear for men. Make sure you choose a firm pair that has a good sole grip, while choosing your flip-flops so that you do not slip and have a big fall. They are made of rubber or PVC and, the best part is that it helps keep your feet dry in the wet season. Flip-flops can be the easiest to wear, easy to wash and can be accessorised with most of your outfits like dresses, jeans, and shorts.


If you need to go for a more formal event or want to look chic in the rainy season, wedges are one sandals trend that you must follow. It gives you a platform so that your feet don’t get dirty and your shoes are protected as well. A pair of stylish wedges can be worn for times when you need to class up your fashion game and you still want to feel comfortable.


A trendy-looking pair of clogs can never go out of style. The comfort of a sturdy pair of clogs is unmatched. It is a favour you can do to your feet and to other fancy shoes in the monsoons as it is easily washable and gives you extra support to walk or dance in the rain. It is easy to slip on and will go with most of your outfits if you style them well. You can pair them with straight-cut trousers or skirts and a funky tee and create a new sandals trend!


When there are water puddles everywhere, you need types of sandals for monsoon that will be moisture friendly, easy to maintain, yet can be fashionable and comfortable. We have been seeing and wearing ballet flats all our lives and if you choose the right material, they can be perfect for the monsoons. Ballet flats that are transparent rubber or in other bright colours can keep your feet dry and look cool with all your outfits. 


This is the oldest and sturdiest footwear that we can recommend for the monsoon season. We have all heard and seen gumboots being used for ultimate feet protection from heavy rainfall. But these reliable shoes often looked boring and could not be considered fashionable at all. Gone are those days because those boring gumboot has gone under a fashion spell and come out looking oh-so dapper. They are comfortable, and easy to wash because of their rubber material and they also give your feet the ultimate moisture protection as they cover almost your entire leg, till your knees. Now they can be found in all the trendy colours and you can set a new sandals trend by pairing it with any of your outfits and making a fashion statement everywhere you go!

These were a few recommendations from our end for you to up your fashion game. Let the fashionista in you unravel and take all the fashion risks that you can. The weather may be gloomy but your sandals for monsoon weather must be on point!

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