7 Wildlife Sanctuaries Near Delhi To Plan Your Next Safari

Try visiting a wildlife sanctuary near Delhi for your next weekend getaway

Published On Oct 18, 2022 | Updated On Feb 29, 2024


Life in the big city can get tiring and monotonous. To find solace in the calm of the forest, plan a weekend getaway to a national park in Delhi. India has 103 national parks that are steeped in mesmerising natural beauty and house some of the world’s most exotic fauna and birds. So, when it comes to experiencing life in the wilderness, the capital city will stun you with choices. Blessed with nature’s bounty, escape deep into the woods as you embark on a wildlife safari to watch mother earth’s most magnificent creatures thrive in their natural habitat. From planning a holiday at a wildlife sanctuary in Delhi to enjoying a day at the bird sanctuary near the city, read on to know more about wildlife in and around the area.

7 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries Near Delhi


A popular wildlife sanctuary near Delhi, the Sariska National Park, or Sariska Tiger Reserve, is located in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, about 200 km from Delhi. Surrounded by the mighty Aravalli range, the park has a sprawling forest area of 850 sq km, out of which 500 sq km is a restricted core area.

It is home to the Bengal tiger, along with leopards, sambar, nilgai, India jackal, four-horned antelope and more exotic animals. The national park houses rare feathered species and is a prominent spot for bird watching during safari tours. If you’re lucky, you can spot the golden-backed woodpecker, serpent eagle, white-throated kingfisher and Indian peafowl, among other beautiful birds. Apart from Sariska, embark on a thrilling Nature Safari India to experience the great outdoors in its most raw form.


The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, 230 km from Delhi, is also known as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. It earns its heritage name from a prominent Shiva temple located at the centre of the park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is famous for its migratory waterfowl that visit the area to breed. From cranes, spoonbills, herons and pelicans, you can spot the striped hyena, golden jackal and wild boar during your wildlife safari in the area.


A beautiful wildlife sanctuary near Delhi, the Rajaji National Park is perched along the foothills of the Shivalik range in Uttarakhand. Made from merging three sanctuaries, the Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary and Lansdowne Forests, the park came into being in 1983. A flourishing Shivalik ecosystem thrives in the park that is home to India’s diverse species of flora and fauna. During your safari into the wilderness, you will spot herds of elephants, sambhar, hornbills and varieties of spotted deer.


The Jim Corbett National Park is one of India’s oldest and most protected areas for endangered animals. A popular tourist spot near Delhi, Jim Corbett is a treasure trove of exotic flora and fauna that thrive in a well-maintained habitat deep within the forest areas. A prominent tiger national park in India, Jim Corbett also acts as a protection site for the Bengal tigers in India. Sprawling over 520 sq km on Himalayan lowlands, the park is blessed with a bounty of natural rivers and streams that support vegetation in the area. At a short distance from Delhi, wildlife at Jim Corbett includes more than 25 reptile species, 580 exotic bird species and around 50 varieties of trees.

If you have been patiently waiting to spot stunning wildlife in India, try taking a safari to India’s most offbeat, remote parks for an experience of a lifetime.


Another beautifully preserved national park near Delhi and home to tens and thousands of exotic animals is the Ranthambore National Park. With ten different safari zones where you can spot tigers, leopards, jackals, foxes, mongoose, sambar deers, sloth bears and langurs, it is the biggest national park in Northern India. Located 368 km from the city of Delhi, Ranthambore is the best tiger-spotting destination in the country.


Another breathtaking wildlife sanctuary near Delhi, Binsar is every bird lover's paradise. Home to the most widely found and extremely rare species of birds, Binsar has over 200 different types of birds living within the sanctuary. Perched on top of Jhandi Hill, watch the picturesque snow-laden Himalayan peaks of Trisul, Nanda Devi and Kedarnath as you spot Himalayan owls, jays, cibias, forktails, pheasants and parakeets hovering around the broad leaf oak trees.


Nestled in the upper catchment area of the Bhagirathi river, this wildlife sanctuary near Delhi is one that is still untouched by commercial tourist crowds. Gangotri National Park can be reached after a 1.5 km trek from Gangotri and falls under the bio-geographical zone at an altitude of 1,800 m to 7,083 m. The park is home to rich Himalayan flora and fauna that thrive during the frigid cold months of December and January.

If you think the Gangotri Himalayan trek will leave you panting, practice at these trekking places near Delhi before you hit the mountains.

The wildlife scene around Delhi is more about the experience in the wild than the hype about spotting rare animals and birds. When planning a getaway to a wildlife sanctuary near Delhi, try these 7 destinations that offer a peek into the diverse habitat of India’s most exquisite creatures. 

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