Clothing Care 101: Tips And Tricks To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

A quick guide on preserving your favourite fabrics for sustainability.

Published On Mar 02, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Your outfits drive your confidence. It’s not always that you find a piece of clothing that makes you feel like the queen (or the king) of the world. So you go the extra mile to keep it in good condition. Taking extra care of your clothes to make them last longer not only saves your favourite outfit, but also encourages sustainable consumption. You are cutting down on buying more and hence reducing your carbon footprint. We know how difficult it is to not buy everything you see in a store, especially if you leave home often to work. However, taking a small step towards taking care of your fabrics makes a big impact on helping the world heal. Keep reading to find some helpful clothing care tips.

In a world where sustainability and cutting down consumption are prioritised, the question, “how can we take care of our clothes?” is asked often. You need to dress your best but at this point, you need to have more understanding of how we should take care of our clothes. You are contributing to a greener earth, and that makes all the difference.


The first clothing care tip is to stick to the washing guidelines mentioned on your clothes. It is not always possible but take some time off to segregate them based on their colours. Keep an eye out for the recommended washing temperatures, wash cycle settings (harsh, gentle, wool, etc.) and drying advice. The labels on your clothes also mention other things such as whether or not you can bleach them, iron them and wash them in water. You do not have to do it for all your clothes, but do it for your favourite ones.

It is tempting to throw all your laundry in together. However, there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t. This is one clothing care tip that not many pay heed to. 

Firstly, mixing light and dark colours can stain your lighter clothes. Even if they don’t absorb the colour, the lint from your darker fabrics will stick to the lighter ones. This is enough to give it a dull appearance. 

Secondly, when fabrics rub against each other, friction causes them to lose colour. This means that your dark fabrics might get lighter too. Washing dark colours together allows them to retain their natural shade because even if they lose colour they will absorb some too. Encourage fabric care with a conditioner to add some shine to your clothes. The friction between garments can also affect the fabric's health. This means your new clothes might loosen up and start looking old. 

Lastly, clothes with strings such as joggers, bras, spaghetti and dupattas can get stretched and tangled in a wash cycle. In the process, they might claim your other clothes as victims. Hand wash your delicate clothes, and wash your dupattas and spaghetti tops separately.

Even if you don’t follow the rest of the clothing care tips, this is one that you cannot ignore.


Heat can be harsh on your clothes and is one of the primary factors that damage them sooner. This is one clothing care tip that isn’t part of Indian culture. It is often encouraged to put clothes out to dry in the sun. However, it’s time to unlearn this clothing care tip.

There are multiple sources of heat during a wash cycle. Primarily, most washing machines give you the option to use either hot water or cold water. It is recommended that you avoid using hot water unless your clothes are extremely dirty and need a heavy wash. Hot water is also useful to get rid of dust and bed bugs from your thick blankets. Apart from that, cold water can actually be good for your clothes. Apart from that, choose to dry your clothes in the shade instead of putting them in the sun or in a dryer that uses heat. Lastly, when it comes to ironing your clothes, opt for a steamer instead of an iron. This will ensure fabric care and take out wrinkles without the hot iron coming in contact with your clothes and damaging it. Silk fabrics are the most prone to getting damaged by iron.

Washing clothes in water makes them prone to all kinds of damage. Not only can they lose their colour, texture and firmness, but they can shrink or stretch too. Keep your precious dresses and suits safe from this kind of damage by dry cleaning them instead. Dry cleaners use a special solvent to clean your clothes. This does not get absorbed into the fabric and hence, does not cause any damage. This clothing care tip ensures that your clothes are clean but not damaged.


In a world where ripped jeans and patchwork fabrics are in fashion, you cannot even consider throwing your clothes out, unless they look like they’re beyond repair. If they don’t, consider getting them altered or recycled into new outfits or accessories. For instance, you can revamp worn-out jeans by turning them into a sleek bag or even a jacket. Or you can put together all your old kurtas and create a quirky new patchwork piece. If you are not a fan of that, consider adding lace, frills or new fabrics to your torn jeans or t-shirts. All the clothes that you think are worn out can be repaired or recycled to look good as new. You just need to get your hands on the right designer for it. Thank us later for this clothing care tip!

Taking care of your garments is not impossible but can feel time-consuming. In a world where we are always rushing, laundry might feel like a futile task. Taking a few hours on the weekends, or entrusting your dry cleaner is the best way to deal with this. You can also read up about how to make green fashion choices and start shopping from sustainable fashion brands. Remember, every step counts.

Photo: Pexels