7 Types Of Bob Haircuts That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Whether you have straight or wavy hair, there's definitely a bob cut that will suit your face.

Published On May 11, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


For decades, women of all ages and hair kinds have preferred bob haircuts. This adaptable haircut is a go-to choice for ladies who want to change their appearance because it can be modified to fit any facial shape and hair texture. The bob haircut has changed significantly over time, progressing from the traditional flapper bob of the 1920s to the contemporary, edgy bobs of today. 

The fact that bob cuts look good on a variety of facial shapes is one of the reasons they have stayed fashionable over time. There are several types of them that are guaranteed to enhance your features and make you feel gorgeous whether you have a round face, a square jawline, or a heart-shaped face.

The adaptability of bob haircuts is another reason behind their popularity. You can try many different types depending on your hair type and personal preferences. Among the many ways present to style short hair, our favourite is the short bob. A shorter bob with numerous layers can add volume and texture to fine hair. A longer bob with fewer layers will assist in controlling your curls and give you a smooth, professional look if you have thick, curly hair.

As a result of its adaptability, ability to suit a variety of face types and hair textures, and timeless elegance, bob haircuts have remained fashionable for decades. There is a bob hairstyle that can fit your personality and lifestyle, whether you choose a traditional chin-length bob or a contemporary, edgy asymmetrical bob. Therefore, why not embrace the bob and offer yourself a new, trendy look?

Seven types of bob haircuts you could try 

A timeless bob haircut that looks amazing on virtually everyone is the classic bob. This cut is normally chin-length in the front and straight across at the nape of the neck. It gives hair that is straight or curly a sleek, polished appearance. For women with heart or oval-shaped faces, the traditional bob is among the types of bob haircuts that will suit them the best. 

This is one of our favourite types of bob haircuts because of how the hair is styled, which is different from the traditional bob. Basically, hair is shorter in the front and longer in the back, making it look fun and cool. Because it gives the appearance of more volume and thickness, this bob haircut is ideal for women who complain of thinning hair. It also flatters round-faced women because it lengthens the face. If you have thin hair, here are other hairstyles you can check!

Another type of bob haircut is the inverted bob, which has hair that is longer in the back and shorter in the front. Women with thick, straight hair look great in this style because it gives the hair form and movement. It looks particularly good on women with square faces.

With layers and texture added to the hair, the textured bob haircut is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional bob haircut. Women with curly or wavy hair should opt for this look because it brings out the natural texture. As it helps balance the breadth of the forehead and chin, it also suits women with diamond-shaped faces.

A layered bob with rough, textured ends is the shaggy bob. Women with thick, straight hair look great in this style because it gives the hair movement and volume. Additionally, because it softens the forehead and jawline, it looks good on ladies with heart-shaped faces.

The graduated bob has stacked layers in the back and gives the appearance of a layered look. Women with thick, straight hair look great in this style since it gives them a dramatic appearance. Additionally, because it gives the hair form and movement, it looks good on women with oval or round faces. There are multiple hairstyles that look good on women with round faces, check them out!

The long bob, often known as a 'lob', is a lengthier variation of the traditional bob that usually ends just above or below the shoulders. Women with thick, straight hair look great in this style because it gives the hair length and flow. It also flatters women with heart- or oval-shaped faces since it lengthens the face.

Photo: Instagram.com/mrunal Thakur, Yami Gautam