8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hair, don’t care? Try these styles for really short hair and you won’t spend another minute missing those manes.

Published On Jul 21, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Growing up in the ’90s as a girl, you were made to believe that the length of your hair allowed you to play with more versatile styles. Not true. If you have shuffled between both long and short cuts, you’ll know the pain points of both. Long hair is great till you’re bored with it, and you go all out with a dramatic short haircut. It’s wonderful, you can feel the breeze on your neck, and you finally realise the hype around less is more. But how to style short hair? Before you get tempted to grow it out again, here are some super cute hair styling tips for women with short hair. 

From a bold pixie-like Zoe Kravitz to Charlize Theron’s side-swept crop, short hairstyles are incredibly easy and fun to style.

Here are 8 short hairstyles to inspire you to try something out of the book.

Bobs are a classic in the gospel for short hair. If it is your first time trying a short-slicked back bob, Zoey Deutsch will teach you how to tame fly-aways with a little gel. Effortlessly cool, this slick back bob is an ultra-sleek style for really short hair. All you need is some hair gel and a thin comb to brush back your mane for a naturally straight hair look.

Patron of the relaxed pompadour, Jada Pinkett Smith’s curly textured short hairstyle is a breath of fresh air this summer. With just the right amount of volume on top and slicked back sides, the pompadour is a great style for really short hair. This haircut can also make thin hair look thicker. Achieving this hairstyle is as easy as it gets. Use a texturizing spray and your fingertips to let those natural curls shine.

Charlize Theron’s side flip crop teaches us how to style short hair with style and grace. Easy to maintain and style for any occasion, the crop hairstyle offers a mix of slick and volume. With a side parting, the swoop is best styled with a blow dryer and a lightweight hair mousse. Use a large boar brush to fill in the volume and a thin comb to set the crop neatly behind the ear.

One of the best short hair styling tips to remember is you do not have to wear your hair down if you don’t want to. Sleek middle-parted chignon buns are Selena Gomez’s best friend, so why can’t you ace them? Low-maintenance and sophisticated, chignon buns are also great summer hairstyles. All you need is a fine-tooth comb, an elastic band, and some bobby pins. If you have baby hair, use a strong hold hairspray to hold your hair in place through the night.

When they say anyone can pull off a lob, they mean it. Fit for every face cut, the asymmetrical lob screams effortless chic. Julianne Hough’s subtle ombre lob look is one for the books. Not perfectly parted in the middle the asymmetrical lob is a fun way to style short hair. This here is your everyday dress-up look- easy and smart.

Fun, flirty, and fresh- embrace your inner Jenifer Lewis and let your natural locks run free. If you are looking for short hair styling tips the natural way, this low-maintenance curly bob is a great pick. Soft coils, when gently hydrated and moisturised with a leave-in conditioner can take your look from drab to fab in the morning.

Not quite as low-maintenance as other styles, Winnie Harlow’s straight-across blunt bangs add an unexpected element of fun to the classic bob. A great tip on how to style short straight hair is to become best friends with your straightener. Flip out the end and spritz a tiny amount of shine spray for a glossy finish that will keep your hair in place without the stiffness.

Clare Foy’s versatile pixie cut is an inspiration on how to style short hair for women with round or square faces. Expressive and easily achievable, the pixie cut when parted and worn to one side gives a more formal appearance. A dry volume texturizing spray works best for a casual disheveled look.

Buzz cut is a great style for really short hair. An unapologetic, brazen cut, the buzz cut is a low maintenance look for the lazy girl in you. While this fearless hairstyle looks daunting, it is highly sought after by women looking to highlight their other striking features. Cynthia Erivo’s silver buzz cut is an inspiration for women looking to bleach their hair blonde. A hydrating shampoo will keep your bleached hair nourished and shiny because there’s nothing else this cut really needs.

If you asked us how to style short hair, our answer would be finger waves, always. Why? The final look is worth every minute spent trying to perfect this look. To be honest it’s not a lazy girl short hairstyle though it may look like one, but this cute hairstyle requires patience and technique. Start by drying your hair and gently applying mousse to sculpt your hair into defined waves. Use a fine rat tail comb to section the hair and make ‘S’ waves with your fingers. Let your hair dry out and spritz on a strong hold hair spray to make your waves last from day to night.

Looking for great short hair styling tips? Here are 10 gorgeous inspirations for all kinds of hair and face shapes. Take your pick now. 

Photo: Instagram/Selena Gomez