10 Ear Piercing Styles That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

With a variety of styles to choose from, this new accessory is winning every fashion enthusiast’s heart.

Published On Jan 11, 2023 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


If social media is where you find your shopping inspiration, you've probably seen the latest trend when it comes to ear piercings. Sleek, minimal and tasteful is the new black. If you are a fashion enthusiast who loves experimenting with different styles and looks, we have compiled a list of the best ear-piercing styles that you must try. Continue reading, and remember to choose a style that you love the most and amp up your fashion game.

An ear stack makes for an easier entry point. Stacked lobe piercings are less painful, and look good when evenly spaced or placed closer together.

Vertical stacks are stacks of piercings centred directly above your traditional first or second piercing. It is usually filled either with a small star or a small stone. However, this piercing requires some space on the lobe.

Some ear piercing trends may include holes in unexpected places, but most of them include new additions - third, fourth, or fifth additions to an already-pierced ear. A constellation style of ear piercing consists of very small pieces that come close together. They’re closer than what the usual traditional spacing involves. The constellation styles comprise various studs and gems put up together.

Forward Helix is a name given to the cartilage that joins the ear and the skull. This style of ear piercing is not very common and is opted by people who are sure about carrying the look confidently.

“Snakebite" is basically two piercings that are done on either side of your lower lip. However, when it comes to ears, it is basically two holes placed close together and slightly separated from the rest of the ear piercings. The snakebite style is called “snakebite” because the piercing looks like two fangs of the snake (usually in the case of an actual snakebite). Usually, people opt for this style in the midi or centre point of the outer ear.

The conch is called the middle part of your ear cartilage. It is called a conch because it looks very similar to a spiral shell. It is considered a versatile ear piercing. To style this piercing, you can use one cutesy stud, a mini cuff or a double stud.

Tragus is the innermost part of the cartilage that is over the ear canal, which is directly above the lobe of your ear. This is a popular ear piercing that looks great with tiny hoops, and when they’re combined with other regular earrings.

A rook piercing is a cartilage piercing. It takes place in the uppermost ridge of your inner ear, which is located above the tragus in the antihelix part. The procedure needs to be performed by a professional piercer. They use a hollow needle to do this. Rook piercings are safe if they are done by a professional piercer, in a clean environment and with a sterile technique.

An industrial piercing is a style that includes a couple of ear piercings. These piercings go through your ear cartilage. The most common type of industrial ear piercing is the forward helix.

Daith piercing is done on the cartilage that is on the inside of the ear. Hoops are usually worn for these types of piercings. Its origin dates back to the Jewish culture.

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