How To Wear Long And Heavy Earrings Without Hurting Your Ears

There’s no arguing that the heavy Bareilly-wala jhumkas come with some unwarranted pain for your ear lobes!

Published On Jan 31, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Indian weddings call for some mandatory bling and OTT jewellery!  This makes a big fat Indian wedding also the perfect opportunity to open your chest of precious jewels. Well, there's no denying that your ensemble would be incomplete without a set of gorgeous earrings. But there’s no arguing that the heavy Bareilly-wala jhumkas (even though inspired from the Mughals) come with some unwarranted pain for your ear lobes! With heavy wedding ensembles and sky-high heels, chunky jewellery and heavy earrings can only weigh you down on the wedding day. Relax, because we've found the solution to this problem of how to wear heavy earrings without stretching your ears.

Here’s a hack that even Bollywood celebrities swear by—we’re talking about invisible earlobe patches. These little adhesive patches not only provide cushioning to the earlobes but also keep them from feeling any strain, thus boosting stability and making you feel little to no discomfort. In addition to that, these practically unnoticeable patches can be purchased from any online or local retailer, making them a convenient earlobe support for heavy earrings.

Simply cut a little piece from this invisible tape and glue it to the rear side of the piercing. It will assist in relieving tension by transferring the heaviness of the earrings across a wider surface of the ear. 

For all those planning to make a statement with a stunning set of long and heavy earrings for the wedding season, numbing creams can work as an elixir. This cream numbs the skin around the piercing, making you feel no pain—almost as though the earrings are feather-light.

Numbing creams are widely available at pharmacies and are commonly used for dental procedures. Before wearing your earrings, just apply a small amount of the numbing cream to the earlobes and say goodbye to any kind of pain for the night.

Want to spice up the heavy earring game while also reducing its weight? Well, your prayers have been answered. You can support your earrings significantly by attaching a modest metal chain that will help bear the weight. A kaan ser or an ear chain is a functional attachment for those long-heavy earrings. Just thread the chain through the pin that goes into the ear piercing and secure the earring. Try pinning the other end of the string a little higher, pinning it to your hair, to truly offer support.

Although you can't completely do away with the weight of big heavy earrings, but support can certainly be by investing in a stylish chain that will go with the majority of earrings. It will also boost the style quotient of your look as well. Take it from stunner Sonam Kapoor who’s aced the look in an Abu Jani ensemble with heavy earrings and iconic kaan ser.

Last-minute preparations can often put you in a chaotic situation where finding everything that is needed becomes problematic. Worry not, we have a trick up our sleeve to ease the killer pain that comes along with wearing an excruciatingly beautiful pair of earrings.  This hack is especially useful if you don't have an ear chain or earlobe patches handy. 

Take a clear thread and fold it twice. Before putting on the earring, slide the looped portion of the thread through the hook. Pass the thread over the ear and knot the other end to the back, in the earring's hook, and secure the backing. The aim is to wear and hang the earring at the same time. Bollywood star Alia Bhatt serves this classy and extravagant look by donning heavy earrings with her gown.

Want to save your ears from the agonising pain of heavy earrings? Don’t miss out on the age-old method that our mothers and grandmothers used to follow religiously. Lubricants such as oil or petroleum jelly might make it much easier to get the earring through the little hole. Simply lubricate the earrings with coconut oil or petroleum jelly before inserting them—this will ensure that the earrings do not aggravate any existing discomfort and that the damaged areas heal more quickly. Voila, get ready to turn heads with your very heavy earrings just like sensational Shilpa Shetty in her blue attire. 

As enticing as making a statement with long and heavy earrings sounds, let's face it: even your ears need some meaningful rest especially after slaying at those back-to-back functions. So for the love of the ear, take the clever way out and buy earrings that seem hefty yet are lightweight when worn. This should easily persuade you to forgo bulky and overpriced Kundan earrings in the favour of a pair that you can wear every day if the occasion dictates, making it an apt heavy earring solution.

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