India’s 50 Best Viewers Edition

Welcome to "India's 50 Best Viewers Edition" – We're on a culinary journey, and we invite you, our cherished viewers, to be the architects of this delectable adventure. Unveil the culinary treasures of your state and join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of flavors that define the diverse cuisine of India.

Share your favorite or unique recipe that represents the heart and soul of your state's cuisine. Whether it's a mouthwatering curry, a savory snack, or a traditional dessert, your culinary creation could be the next sensation!


  • Take enticing picture of your final dish to upload.
  • Fill in all the details in the recipe upload form below to be eligible.
  • List all the ingredients with quantities under Ingredient List. One ingredient per field.
  • Mention step-by-step process of cooking under Method. One step per field.

  • It is good if your recipe has many likes. It sure will get you considered, but it will be a qualitative decision to become a part of the top 50.

  • Recipes can be uploaded from 7th Dec to 6th Jan, to be considered for India’s 50 best viewers edition

  • You can upload as many recipes as you would like.

  • Yes, the recipe needs to be a regional dish, you may have your unique spin to the same but it needs to belong to a particular state.

  • No, you can be residing anywhere and share the recipe of any particular state.

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