A Sneak Peek Inside Malaika Arora’s Home

Malaika Arora knows how to keep it simple yet chic. Take a sneak peek into her house and get inspired to oomph up yours!

Published On May 03, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Malaika Arora possesses an ageless beauty that speaks volumes about her charisma. Despite being 49, she seems to be in her youth and career prime. With a diverse career background as a VJ turned actor and current reality show host, Malaika has become a household name in India. Her experiences as a supermodel, media personality, and actor have inspired her fashion sense, which is always on point. It is safe to assume that Malaika has never had a fashion mishap, given her impeccable aesthetic choices.

Malaika's ability to constantly create new benchmarks is remarkable. Her distinctive style is evident in everything she does, whether it is turning up the heat on the red carpet or creating the home of her choice.

Want to know how the Boss Lady does it? Here's a walkthrough of Malaika Arora's aesthetically done-up home.

Malaika Arora's home reflects her many interests, featuring a blend of classic and contemporary styles. The minimalist interiors of the apartment are accentuated by vibrant upholstery and trinkets, giving the space a clean yet cosy vibe. Malaika moved into this apartment after parting ways with her husband, Arbaaz Khan, in 2016 and has since given us numerous glimpses into her life through her Instagram feed.

Malaika's apartment is a testament to her love for pets, yoga, and spending quality time with her girl gang. Her constant companions are her pet pup Casper, her sister Amrita Arora Ladak, and close friends Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor. The actor is most at ease in her kitchen, whipping up delicious meals or enjoying her day off on her sunny balcony.

The various corners of Malaika Arora’s home are some of the prettiest amongst all the celebrity homes in Mumbai , showcasing her impeccable taste and attention to detail.

Malaika Arora's entrance lobby is stunning, featuring a creamy marble finish that exudes a sense of elegance and warmth. The lobby is the first thing that greets her guests, and it leaves a lasting impression with its polished and inviting aesthetic.

The lobby is adorned with a massive round mirror flanked by long, sleek lights, which serves a functional purpose and adds to the lobby's overall charm. An adjacent oversized vase adds a touch of freshness and liveliness to the space with seasonal flowers and occasional decorations. The entrance area also serves a dual purpose. It doubles up as an impromptu photo booth for Malaika's friends who are often seen posing here when the actor hosts a party.

The lobby's unique design and elegant aesthetics make it a perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments with friends and loved ones.

Malaika Arora's living room is a beautifully designed space that perfectly balances comfort and elegance. Using contrasting colours and textures adds depth and dimension to the room, making it an inviting and cosy place to relax and spend time.

The living room star is the fluffy beige couch with black trimmings that dominates the space. It is accompanied by two elegant teal chairs that contrast perfectly with the beige sofa, creating a visually stunning composition. The beige, teal and black combination creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect space to entertain guests or relax with family and friends.

Behind the couch sits a mirrored piece that catches light from the chandelier across the room, making the space look double in size. This clever use of mirrors adds depth to the room and enhances the decor's elegance.

A grey rug with a distressed pattern hugs the floor, adding texture and warmth to the living room. The carpet provides a perfect space for Arora to conduct her rigorous workout & yoga routines. It is an excellent example of how one can design the living room to meet their needs and preferences.

Another black and white chevron couch adds a solid focal point to this space. It complements the beige sofa and teal chairs while adding character and contrast to the decor.

Malaika Arora's blue sofa is an ideal place to unwind and relax after a long day. Unsurprisingly, the sofa makes regular appearances in her Instagram stories. The delicate colour palette of the sofa creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere in the living room, making it an excellent place for the celebrity to unwind. 

The blue sofa is also perfect for capturing the style star's various fashion moments. Malaika can often be seen lounging on the sofa during her lazy mornings or working from home on busy days. The blue sofa provides comfort and relaxation and reflects the star's impeccable taste and style. Overall, the blue sofa is a perfect addition to Malaika’s living room and represents her lifestyle and personality.

One thing that distinguishes Malaika Arora’s home from many other celebrity homes is the eclectic mix of edgy furniture and minimalist decor. The floor-to-ceiling windows that adorn the living room and the balcony lend an airy and spacious feel to the place, creating an ambience of calmness and serenity. The ample natural light streams through the windows, making it the perfect setting for Malaika to curl up on her couch and enjoy a good book. Just the kind of setup we dream of on a rainy day!

With its rustic tiled flooring, the quaint balcony offers a perfect getaway for the actor to unwind and soak in the beautiful view outside. It is here where Malaika seems to spend most of her leisure time bonding with her son Arhaan and pet dog Casper, creating happy memories. The balcony also provides an excellent backdrop for Instagram posts.

Malaika Arora’s dining area is the perfect blend of style and function! It is the kind of space that makes you want to host dinner parties every weekend so you can show it off.

The black eight-seater dining table is placed below a geometric chandelier, which adds a modern touch to the overall decor. The gold chairs and ebony poles contrast with the black table, making the space appear more elegant. It is the perfect setting for Malaika’s food-centric soirées, which she occasionally showcases on her Instagram. The white candle stands between two glass vessels, and the black-and-white photographs on the walls demonstrate the actor's keen eye for detail. Given her role as a style editor for The Label Life, Malaika's passion for interior design is evident. Interestingly, a little birdie told us that Karan Johar has a similar chandelier at his duplex apartment in Bandra.

The bedrooms are a true reflection of Malaika's style, featuring all-white accent walls, modern artwork, and a mix of textures and patterns. 

The bedroom walls are painted in a soft white colour that reflects the natural light that streams through the windows. The bed is the centrepiece of the room, with a plush white duvet and pillows that create a luxurious and inviting space. The headboard is also white, with a simple design that adds to the modern feel of the room.

The bedroom furniture is also minimalistic, with a sleek white bedside table and a comfortable white armchair that adds a touch of cosiness to the space. The lighting is also carefully curated to enhance the atmosphere of the room.

The all-white bedroom decor is complemented by small touches of greenery, such as potted plants and fresh flowers that add a pop of colour to the space. This adds to the room's aesthetics and brings a sense of calm and serenity to the area.

If one thing makes Malaika Arora’s home apartment as cool as a cucumber, it is her shoe closet! This comprehensive wonderland of footwear is so meticulously organised, it is straight out of a fairy tale. Rows upon rows of shoes, from sporty sneakers to killer stilettos and everything in between, are perfectly displayed and categorised.

Malaika cherishes her shoe closet so much that she considers it the most peaceful room in her pad - perfect for taking Zoom calls or recording her super trendy podcasts. Honestly, who needs a meditation retreat when you've got a pair of Jimmy Choos staring back at you in your shoe closet?

And let's not forget the sheer quantity of footwear on display - this little heaven could give even Carrie Bradshaw's closet in Sex and the City a run for its money.

So if you're looking for some serious shoe envy, take a peek into Malaika Arora's fairytale-esque shoe closet - it's a true masterpiece of organisation and style.

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Photo: Instagram/Malaika Arora