Take A Peek At What The Top Celebrity Homes Look Like

From love nests to architectural masterpieces, celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have created their homes beautifully.

Published On Sep 28, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Mumbai, a cosmopolitan city is one of the most popular hubs for Hindi cinema. When you want to make it big in Bollywood and be a star, you go to Mumbai. To chase your dreams, to struggle for a lavish lifestyle or to just reach the stars, the city has what you need. 
If you want to spot stars in the city, you do not look up in the sky but you go to Bandra, which is an upscale and posh area that houses most of the Bollywood actors. In every direction, you would find celebrity houses in Bandra along with trendy craft-beer bars, cute cafes, and chic fashion boutiques.

Here is what some of the top celebrity’s houses look like:

The King of Bollywood lives his king life in a sprawling six-storey bungalow in Land’s End, Bandra West. It has a stellar sea-facing view and is his most prized possession. The bungalow from the outside may look a bit old-school but it has the latest contemporary design on the inside, sporting both vintage and artistic styles. Khan’s wife Gauri Khan is responsible for most of the intricate designs and small spaces in the house.

The design inside is modern and classic and decorated with statement pieces from all over the world. In the six storeys of the bungalow, the star’s house is connected with a system of elevators. Two storeys of the house are living rooms, one storey is built for his three kids and the other storeys as a library, entertainment area and a private bar. The house is surrounded by well-manicured lawns and has a swimming pool inside the house. 

The living area consists of some great paintings by artists like M.F Hussain along with other art objects and antiques.

The star and his family often upload on their social media handles where we get a peek at the stunning hardwood furniture and their statement family portrait. If anybody knows how to live in style, it is none other than King Khan!

If there’s one celebrity house in Mumbai that you must check out, it’s the Pataudi house in Bandra. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, the couple has built a royal world of their own in Fortune Heights in Bandra. Their 3bhk unit is influenced by the design and architecture of their ancestral house, The Pataudi Palace in Haryana.

Out of all that we have seen on Kareena Kapoor’s social media, we have seen a rustic library that houses quite a few books. Saif Ali Khan is a reader and the couple likes to relax in their cosy library with a book. There is also a black and white tiled floor at their place where the Bollywood actress is often seen working out. There is a lush green balcony where the family tends to their plants and has a nice downtime. Besides that, there is a playroom for the kids that has bright colours to keep the kids invested.

The house has a cosy vibe and the famous designer Darshini Shah has done a great job at making it a home you want to live in.

This handsome actor’s penthouse is on the 7th and 8th floors of a residential complex in Bandra West. The designers have successfully combined two separate houses into one two-level apartment along with a terrace. It sits in an elevation and to combine the two floors, a staircase was built tearing all the inner walls down.

This house is minimalistic with very few furniture pieces, has sharp and clean visuals in its decor and the stainless-steel kitchen gives a modern look to the house. It's all class meets sophistication!

After struggling for a few years and making a mark in the industry, this chocolate boy has bought himself a nice and spacious apartment in the posh area of Palli Hills in Mumbai. The house is designed by none other than Gauri Khan and she designed the house according to his personality and the aesthetics he wanted.

The house has a neutral colour palette and is warm and welcoming. It is designed in a minimalistic fashion where the actor can relax after a tiring day. The entrance of the house has high ceilings and black and white striped wallpaper along with the actor’s favourite movie posters. The rest of the house is designed with classic pieces of furniture like a walnut chest table. Sidharth Malhotra’s pad oozes class, sophistication, and a cool vibe!

The veteran actor came into possession of this house in Juhu as remuneration for his movie Satte Pe Satta. His two-storey bungalow is next to JW Mariott hotel in a prime location in Juhu. Jalsa house is an epitome of elegance with windows that cover from the floor to ceiling and has an element of warmth and luxury.

The house has a mix of vintage touches and contemporary designs with earthy stones, mirrored shelves, and beautiful wood furniture. It has furniture that has been selected with the idea of entertaining a large family and guests. It also has quite a few touches of silver and brass items that are decorated throughout the house.

Big B definitely knows how to live in style!

Lisa Ray’s quiet apartment In Bandra is an escape from the fast-paced city of Mumbai. It is inviting with its spacious, private and covered outdoor space. Her home has been designed as a refuge from the harshness of the outside world by keeping a retreat kind of design in mind. Her house has stone flooring, a minimal design of selectively curated furniture and greenery all around. Living in this house is like always being in a relaxed state of mind, like being on a holiday!

If we go through all the celebrity houses in Bandra, we would see that the Bollywood stars live it up in their luxe and comfortable homes. Every day, they live life king-size in their kingdoms. 

Photo: Instagram/gaurikhan