How Taapsee Pannu’s Love For Fitness Will Help You Go That Extra Mile

Taapsee Pannu serves as an inspiration to many, not just because of the unique roles she does, but how she makes time to treat her body like a temple.

Published On Jan 11, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


There is no debate over Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu’s dedication when it comes to her acting. However, this dedication stands true also for her fitness. Her workout routine speaks of dedication and consistency!

She has played the role of an athlete in a few of her movies. Essaying the role of an athlete in a movie is one thing, but looking that part is another. While an actor’s acting prowess can ensure the former, the latter is a combined effort of an entourage of fitness trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and other professionals.

If you scroll through Taapsee Pannu’s Instagram, you will find her challenging her body with various exercises. Her fitness routine will surely encourage you to kickstart your journey towards a healthier life.

Let’s have a look at how she taps through her inspiring fitness regime:


The Pink fame actress begins her morning with the famous asana, Suryanamaskar. It is known to improve metabolism and blood circulation. The rush of blood in your body also keeps your skin healthy. This practice is also known to positively impact one’s mind. 

Taapsee Pannu is not the only celebrity who swears by yoga. We all know that practising yoga regularly helps achieve a peaceful mind and a healthy body. This practice is now popular all over the world, all thanks to our Bollywood celebrities who have contributed to its global popularity. 

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Taapsee Pannu loves switching between her fitness routines in various forms — from hitting the gym and working on her muscles with HIIT to gearing up for new challenges in the regime, she endures all forms with great strength. Every session is followed by a cool-down session of at least 15-20 minutes. 

If you are a regular gym visitor, then it becomes essential for you to choose the right gym attire which not just gives you comfort but also makes for a good style quotient. 

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The Rashmi Rocket actress hits the gym every day and never misses her training. But, what about following a fitness regime when on a holiday? Well, she doesn’t compromise her regime even when holidaying. She resorts to jogging, running, or brisk walking. Studies show that running helps in developing muscles and bone strength, and also managing to keep your weight under check.

Taapsee Pannu also loves playing sports and makes sure to include one sport in her regime. She is partial to squash. Studies have also shown that outdoor physical activity lowers a person's blood pressure and heart rate. 

So the next time you’re holidaying at a place where you have no access to the gym, try opting for an outdoor exercise form, just like Taapsee.

If you scroll through Taapsee Pannu’s Instagram account, you’ll often find her giving credit to her nutritionist for the diet plans she prepares for her. Taapsee’s workout regime is incomplete without her favourite potion, the fat-burning drink. 

This drink has raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Along with it are fenugreek seeds (methi), turmeric, and ginger. Turmeric and ginger are powerful inflammation-fighting agents. They help combat the pain and inflammation in muscles caused by tough athletic training. 

She eats six times a day, as quoted by her in one of her Instagram posts. She confessed that this habit helps her deal with her bad metabolism. She also mentioned that all her meals have carbohydrates included in them. The diet plan is advised by her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal. 

Ganeriwal had earlier shared with a publication that the Thappad actress eats rice, a bowl of curd, and some vegetables. For dinner, she eats organic meat and fish, along with jowar or barley. All her food is freshly made and cooked in cold-pressed sesame oil apart from the traditional, cultured ghee.

Taapsee’s diet is modified as per the kinds of roles she essays and the requirement for the same.

Taapsee Pannu swears by a strict hydration regime. Drinking water also improves the body’s metabolism. Studies and experts have stressed enough importance of drinking water every day. If you are someone who is working out and following a calorie-deficit diet and still not losing weight, then insufficient water intake is the most probable culprit. Water is crucial for the smooth functioning of the body. 

However, due to the lack of its consumption, the body may also start storing water, thus leading to bloating. In a nutshell, poor water intake can result in slow metabolism.

Taapsee’s nutritionist recommends she sleep for at least seven to nine hours a day. Good sleep ensures good metabolism and also helps to lose weight. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and ward off diseases. Lack of sleep leads to poor brain functioning sleep. It can also impair one’s ability to concentrate and process scenarios or memories. 

Taapsee Pannu’s fitness journey and her transformation in her roles from a regular girl-next-door to an international athlete is inspiring. Her Instagram has various clips of her fitness regime, leaving her fans amazed and motivated.

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It’s time to now #TapLikeTaapsee to become a healthier version of yourself!

Photo: Instagram/ Taapsee Pannu