Fun And Easy Home Workouts That Celebs Swear By

If home workout don’t seem exciting to you, then give these recommended by Mandira Bedi, Sameera Reddy and Eshna Kutty, a try.

Tanvi Jain

It's happening again! Minimal movement, too much screen time, unnecessary binge-eating, are all turning us into couch potatoes. The 2021 lockdown imposed amid the second COVID wave has taken away every ounce of motivation that was left after  surviving a year of the pandemic. While the measures are necessary to curb the rise in cases, lockdown blues leading to various physical and mental health issues are turning into a reality, all over again. Specially for those working from home, with long office hours, health and fitness have taken a backseat. There are many simple ways in which you can stay in shape and calm your mind.  They don't require too much time, or any equipment, and are so easy and fun that even celebrities swear by them.

1. Draw an 8

Well, we aren’t talking about drawing one on a piece of paper, as you may have guessed. Actor, designer and TV presenter, Mandira Bedi, will tell you how you can lose weight by running in your living room in the figure of the numeral. Although headstands and pushups that aren’t suitable for beginners are part of her routine,  something simple and basic like the idea of drawing an eight is worth a try. "One year on and I’m still running in a figure of 8, in my living room," her Instagram post says.

2. Play with your kids

Actor and mother of two, Messy Mama Sameera Reddy, who recently recovered from COVID-19 is urging people to stay fit and healthy by taking out just one day every week for some yoga and slow walks. And to spread the message of positivity and inform people to stay focused, she has even uploaded a video on her Instagram where you can see her jumping and walking with her toddler resting around her shoulders. "Are you staying fit? Keep moving! Stay focused! You can do this #fitnessfriday. One week post COVID recovery. Slow and steady but with a fun and positive attitude. The kids are keeping me on my toes. I have to take it easy with slow walks and light yoga. But this is a reminder to keep going with your fitness goals. Whatever they maybe!" she says in her post.

3. Try a hula hoop if you haven't already

Even if it falls 100 times, the hula hoop is one easy to use equipment that you can never get bored of. And no, you don't have to get intimidated by the social media sensation Eshna Kutty, although there is no harm in setting some goals. But for now, you can check out Nargis Fakhri's hula hoop reel on her Instagram handle, and maybe give that a shot with an upbeat track in the background to pump you up.

4. Pack a punch, in 10 minutes

No matter how hectic your schedule is, a 10-minute workout is not too much to ask for. All you need to do is follow nutritionist Simrun Chopra's Home Sculpt & Tone videos on her Instagram. She shows a way to burn calories in just nine minutes with some high knees, mountain climber, high plank, and spot marching techniques, for both low as well as high impact. In another such 10-minute chest workout video, she introduces you to simple pushups, chest fly and chest press techniques, both with the help of dumbbells as well as water bottles. And these are just two of the many examples with some clocking less than 10 minutes. 

Moreover, if yoga is your thing, then another option worth considering is yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle specialist and Yoganama founder Namita Paiparaiya's 10-minute yoga break video series on her Instagram handle, which you can even attend live at 6:00 pm. Learn some stretches and meditation techniques for both physical as well as mental well-being.

5. Dance your way to fitness

If you miss letting your guard down from the pre-pandemic days, then you need to visit artist Ravi Bala Sharma's Instagram handle today. This 62-year-old Dancing Dadi's killer moves will make you want to shake a leg too. A great stress-buster, and of course a fun way to shed the extra kilos, all you need to do is try out one reel a day, and it is sure to awaken the dancer in you. 

Speaking of dance, digital creator, doctor, choreographer, Dhanashree Verma Chahal's dance videos will definitely make you want to trade the couch for the dance floor.

Photo: Instagram/Mandira Bedi


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