This Poila Boisakh, Don't Miss Out On Rasgullas From These Six Iconic Sweet Shops

No Poila Boishakh celebration is complete without mishti, and we got a list of the best rasgullas in Kolkata for you.

Published On Apr 14, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Poila Boishakh is just around the corner and no feast, let alone Bengali is ever complete without mishti.  And what better than good old rasgullas to start the new year on a sweet note?

While we can always debate the origins, Rasgullah in Kolkata just hits differently. If you haven't had rasgullas in Kolkata, have you really had rasgullas? The city of joy offers something for everyone. If nostalgic taste tingling childhood memories it is, then Kolkata's decades-old sweet houses are just the place for you. And if you like your sweets with a bit of fusion, worry not, we have you covered. Every corner of the city has a distinct flavour to offer, we try to do justice to a few noteworthy shops in this article.

K.C. Das is one of the most well-known locations in Kolkata to eat the famous Kolkata rasgullas. Rasgulla is a well-known dessert made by K.C. Das, and the establishment has been serving it since 1868. KC Das fans regard this as the best rasgulla in Kolkata. Esplanade is the closest metro stop to K.C. Das. Rasgullas from K.C. Das are recognised for being spongy and juicy and are produced with chenna (curdled milk) and soaked in sweet syrup. The store sells two types of rasgullas: the standard variety and the Nabin Chandra Das variety. A larger version of the typical rasgulla that is renowned for its softness and sweetness is the Nabin Chandra Das Rasgulla. The Nabin Chandra Das Kolkata Rasgulla costs about Rs 45 per piece, while the standard rasgulla at K.C. Das costs about Rs 30 per piece. Those who have lived in the city for decades will tell you that this is the best rasgullas in Kolkata.

Where: 124B, Opposite Kalighat Tram Depot, Kolkata-700026, 9 AM to 9 PM. 

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is another well-known rasgulla vendor in Kolkata. The store, which serves desserts since 1885, is close to Triangular Park. The famous spongy Kolkata rasgulla from Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is produced from cow's milk and drenched in syrup made of sugar and cardamom. Clay pots are used to serve the rasgullas, which enhances the overall dessert-eating experience. Their rasgulla costs about INR 28 per piece at Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick. All families in South Calcutta consider this to be one of the best rasgullas in Kolkata.

Where: 139A, Rash Behari Ave, Dover Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata-700029, 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM


Another well-liked spot in Kolkata for special Kolkata Rasgulla fans is Bhim Chandra Nag. The closest metro station is Girish Park, and the store is close to Hedua Park. For more than 150 years, Bhim Chandra Nag has been serving rasgullas , which are renowned for being spongy and melt-in-your-mouth. In Bhim Chandra Nag, the rasgullas are made of chenna and soaked in a sweet syrup that is made of sugar and water. A rasgulla at Bhim Chandra Nag cost about Rs 25 for each piece. This is definitely one of the most popular shops for the best rasgulla in Kolkata. 

Where: 46, Strand Rd, Fairley Place, Barabazar Market, Kolkata-700007, 9 AM to 10 PM

This is by far the most popular Kolkata Rasgulla spot in the city. The store is close to Sealdah Train Station, and Sealdah is the closest metro stop. Nalin Chandra Das & Sons has been in business since 1845, developing consumers through generations. For those in North Calcutta, this is definitely one of the best rasgullas in Kolkata.

Where: No 313, Rabindra Sarani, Balaka Natun Bazar, North Dumdum, Kolkata-700006, 7 AM to 11 PM


Another well-known restaurant in Kolkata that is renowned for its rasgulla is the store is close to College Street( Central is the closest metro stop). In business since 1840, Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy is renowned for their soft, spongy rasgullas that are a delight as soon as you bite into them. Kolkata Rasgullas here cost about INR 20 per piece.

Where: 56, Ramdulal Sarkar St, near Bethune College, Hedua, Kolkata-700006, 7 AM to 10:30 PM

At the Ganguram chain of confectioneries, the Kolkata rasgulla may be found in one of the city’s most distinctive settings. Park Street is the closest metro station to Ganguram. The shop sells many rasgulla variants, such as the kheer mohan rasgulla, which is a rasgulla dipped in a rich, creamy milk pudding. A rasgulla here costs about INR 28 per piece.

Where: Everest House, 46C, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata-700071, 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM


In addition to these well-known establishments, Kolkata has a large number of little sweet stores and street vendors selling delectable rasgullas. Although the reputation of these tiny businesses may not be as good as that of the well-known ones, they do provide a distinctive and genuine experience. 
There are some of these stores in Gariahat, Bagbazar, and Hatibagan.

Apart from the Kolkata rasgulla, the city offers quite a lot of things you can do, places you can see, and various cuisines you can need including Nepali food! If that’s not enough, the city has a lot of places you can shop at too! Be sure to spend a good week in the city to truly take in all the culture, or as millennials would call it – “vibes”!

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