Best Places For Authentic Nepali Food In Kolkata

You cannot take Nepal out of Kolkata, and if you are a fan of the Nepalese cuisine, these food spots in Kolkata give you the original taste of local Nepali food.

Published On Feb 13, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


One of the joys of visiting Kolkata, the ‘city of joy’ is the variety of food that it offers. The vast and delectable options are one of the reasons travellers and gourmands keep going back, just to do a food trip. 

What's most interesting of Kolkata is that despite Bengali food being much-loved, it's also home to dishes from different parts of the world.The city boasts a historical legacy of various cultural influences from countries such as Mexico, Italy, USA, UK, France, Belgium, Japan, China, Vietnam and Nepal, and it in many ways reflects in the food available in restaurants and even at home kitchens. For instance, Nepali food is probably as popular as Bengali food in the city. 

If you are thinking that momos and noodles are the only things famous in Nepal, you got it wrong. In fact, a conventional Nepali thali consists of bhaat (rice), dal, seasonal greens, achar (fresh or fermented pickles) and some dry or curried meat. Another basic characteristic of Nepali food is very little use of ingredients but a lot of tempering of mustard oil and plenty of chillies. This combination has made the cuisine of Nepal extremely popular in Kolkata.

Straight from the Himalayan paradise, these food spots in the city of joy serve the most flavoursome and traditional Nepali dishes!

Check out these six restaurants in Kolkata that serve lip-smacking Nepali-style food:

1. Cafe Kathmandu

Café Kathmandu is located in the quaint neighbourhood of Bhowanipore and is known for serving the best Nepali food. The cafe has vintage-style wooden seating inside with Nepali handicrafts and stylish lighting. Their homely ambience is pleasing to the eye, and serves you food that’s authentic. If you visit this cafe, you cannot miss sipping boutique tea from Manjhee valley, which is served in muslin potlis. Coffee lovers can enjoy rich brews from Arabica coffee beans here. Popular must-haves here include cappuccino, sweet bonbon, the Spanish Cortado, honey cinnamon latte and the Zucchini arabica coffee cake.

Also, in case you are travelling to Nepal anytime soon, this list will help you with a beautiful list of places where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience amidst the majestic Himalayas.

Where: 33A, Lake Avenue, Near Menoka Cinema, Southern Avenue

Price: Rs 950 (for two people)

Contact: +91-8240353721

Yeti is a Himalayan speciality Tibetan restaurant with a warm ambience of flags, wheels, bricked walls and lights. It brings the authentic taste of Nepal to Kolkata and pays a tribute to the cuisine of Nepal. Popular must-haves from its menu include momos, thukpas, popular Nepali cuisine dishes like Aloo Sadeko, Bhutun, Sukutu Fry, Shapta to Bhutanese dishes like Datchi, Khashi Ko Leddo, Kokra Saag to dishes like Assamese Pork Curry and Masala Buff.

Newari momo-cha or bite-sized momos served in a spicy sauce is another speciality here. Other Nepali food bestsellers at Yeti include sekuwa, saag maas and macha tareko (a Nepali-style fish fry).

The restaurant is known for the Nepali Jhol Momo. This variant of the momo is said to have come to Nepal via the Newari traders and was later adapted to local tastes with the inclusion of spices and the jhol.

Where: 24/1, Park Street 

Price: Rs 1800 (for two people)

Contact: +91919831622335

If you are in Kolkata and want to get a taste of Nepal, drop by The Blue Poppy Thakali. This restaurant is famous for its courteous service and staff. The fancy decor and spectacular ambience make the guests feel at home here.

It serves tasty Nepali food, so the next time you’re craving authentic Nepali cuisine, order their perfectly cooked steamed pork, fried prawns and momos. The restaurant also has a separate dining area with floor seating for a community-style Nepali meal.

Where: Sikkim Commercial House, 1st Floor, 4/1 Middleton Street

Price: Rs 950 (for two people)

Contact: +918583992714

Another great Nepal restaurant outlet serving great Nepali food is the Hill's Kitchen. They have a dedicated menu of authentic Nepalese cuisine which ranges from small, quick bites to combo rice dishes. The popular dishes from the menu include Sadeko Aloo Ka Achar, Hill's Special Pork Trotters, Paksha Curry and Chicken Curry, Pork Shapta, Jhol Momo, and Taipo along with Thukpa and momos.

Where: AA-3, Akandkesari Road, Patharghata, Opposite Shapoorji Petrol Pump, New Town

Price: Rs 300 (for two people)

Contact: +919836194647

While this restaurant serves a mix of Tibetan, Sikkimese and other Himalayan cuisines, they have a dedicated section for authentic Nepali cuisine. It is located on the first floor of the popular Sikkim House. This restaurant offers heartwarming food, especially tasty Nepali food. There are three types of Thakali thalis in chicken, vegetarian and pork options. Popular appetizers include pork and chicken choila, chicken sadeko, and an assortment of Newari spice-infused momos. The owner is believed to be sourcing the Timbur (Nepali black pepper) directly from Nepal in order to recreate the authentic flavours of each of their dishes.

Where: 4/1, Sikkim House, Middleton Street

Price: Rs 850 (for two people)

Contact: +919163165999 

This quaint restaurant in Kolkata’s Newtown area has been around for the last three months. As the name suggests, the Nepali food speciality offerings here are the char-grilled chicken and mutton sekuwa along with the Nepali momos including the popular jhol momo. Apart from this, other bestsellers here are chicken choila, thukpa (soupy noodles) and an assortment of Wai Wai dishes.

Location: Shop A 50, Action Area 1D, Chakpanchuria, Jl 33, New Town, Kolkata

Price: Rs 850 (for one order)

Contact: +919748295867

Photo: Unsplash