Head To These Places To Indulge In The Best Kulfi In Delhi

As the temperatures soar, there's nothing quite like some delicious and refreshing kulfi to beat the heat. Don't you agree?

Published On May 08, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Summers are here, and nothing beats the heat like a refreshing kulfi. With its creamy texture and delicious flavours, kulfi has been a popular dessert in India for centuries. And if you're looking for the best kulfi in the country, then Delhi is certainly among the top he place to be at.

Delhi is a haven for Indian desserts, and kulfi is no exception. From the bustling streets of Old Delhi to the trendy cafes of Connaught Place, you'll find a variety of kulfi joints serving up this delicious dessert. Whether you prefer classic flavours like malai and kesar or more unique ones like meetha paan, caramel or gulkand, there's a kulfi for everyone in Delhi.

But kulfi isn't just a dessert, it's an experience. It's about the joy of sitting with friends and family on a hot summer day, enjoying the cool and refreshing taste of this creamy treat. And in Delhi, you'll find kulfi joints that have been around for generations, preserving the traditional recipes and techniques that have made kulfi so popular over the years.

5 kulfi spots in Delhi worth exploring this summer:

This celebrated kulfi brand carries the legacy of serving kulfi for 100 years and is the ultimate spot for lovers of this dessert. While the shop may be small in size, it packs a punch with its wide range of flavours that will have your taste buds tingling with excitement. And if you can't make it to the shop, no worries - simply give them a call and pick up your order at your convenience. From the tangy jamun and creamy sitaphal to the unique kewra and refreshing blackberry sharbat, this place offers a variety of flavours that will take your kulfi experience to the next level. And that's not all, their menu also features a mouthwatering selection of aam papad and much more, making this kulfi joint a must-visit for all dessert lovers out there.

Price: Rs 60 to Rs 300

Location: Multiple outlets at Paschim Vihar, Chawri Bazar, Hauz Khas, Bengali Market, Prashant Vihar, Preet Vihar, Connaught Place

Timings: 9 am to 10:30 pm

If you're a fan of heavenly desserts that are worth waiting in line for, then you have to check out this famous kulfi shop that has been a favourite among locals for years. With crowds of people flocking to get a taste of their delicious offerings, you know you're in for a treat. And the must-try item on their menu? The classic kulfi falooda is served with bits of almonds and pistachios that add a delightful crunch to the creamy treat. But do you maintain your distance from sugar? No worries, this place has got you covered with their sugar-free alternative that's just as delicious.

Price: Rs 140  

Location: Karol Bagh

Timings: 8 am to 9 pm

Step into the cosy and inviting world of Ravi Raj Di Kulfi, where the sweet aroma of kulfis will immediately transport you to dessert heaven. This famous outlet is a must-visit for anyone who loves a good kulfi, and its mouth-watering offerings are sure to please people of all ages. Whether you're in the mood for their signature stick kulfi or craving the creamy goodness of their rabri falooda, this place has got you covered. And if you're a fan of all things kesar, you won't want to miss out on their kesar milk - a sweet and refreshing drink perfect for a hot summer day. With each bite and sip, you'll taste the passion and dedication that goes into creating these delectable desserts.

Price: Rs 40 to Rs 90

Location: Karol Bagh

Timings: 8 am to 12:30 pm

When it comes to delicious and refreshing kulfis, this franchise is a name that's known and loved across town. But if you're looking for the ultimate experience, we highly recommend heading to their Cyber Hub joint. Trust us, it's worth the trip! Here, you'll find a delightful range of flavours that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our top picks? The black grape sorbet - an absolute must-try when it's in season - and the kiwi apple and custard apple, both of which are bursting with fruity goodness. But if you're watching your sugar intake, don't worry - they've got a sugar-free fig option that's just as satisfying. And if you're not a fan of stick kulfis, you'll be pleased to know that they also offer kulfis in convenient pots that are perfect for enjoying on the go.

Price: Rs 50 to Rs 100

Location: Multiple outlets at Rajinder Nagar, Moti Nagar, Pitampura, Paschim Vihar, Cyber Hub (Gurgaon), Sector 81 (Faridabad)

Timings: 11 am to 3 am  

Does an imli kulfi sound fun to you? Then you simply can't miss Kulfiano - the ultimate kulfi destination that's worth a late-night drive (or any time of day, really!). With a menu boasting an impressive 20 flavours, this joint has everything you need to satisfy your kulfi cravings. And if that's not enough, you can also find 11 other outlets across the city, each serving up different portions of unique and unusual flavours. Trust us, it's a dessert paradise! Our personal favourites at Kulfiano include the anjeer, imli, falsa, and chiku flavours - each one more delicious than the last. But for a truly authentic experience, don't miss the Rajasthani matka kulfi - it's a real crowd-pleaser!

Price: Rs 50 to Rs 150

Location: Kalkaji, Dwarka, Greater Noida

Timings: 1pm to midnight 

So, if you're in Delhi this summer, move past the best ice cream flavours and don't miss out on the chance to indulge in this delicious summer treat: kulfi. Head to any of these famous kulfi spots in Delhi, and you're sure to have a summer worth remembering.

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