Best Indian Whiskey — The Dark Knight Whiskey From Northeast India

Discover the hidden gem of Khatkhati and the story behind Northeast India's famed Castle Hill's Dark Knight Whiskey by Radiant Manufacturers.

Published On Feb 28, 2024 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


Ever heard of a place called Khatkhati? Nestled amidst the emerald valleys of Northeast India, this tiny village holds a secret –  that's not about ancient ruins or hidden waterfalls, but about something altogether more...spirited. This is the tale of Dark Knight’s rise, a whiskey that's not just a local legend, but a global phenomenon, turning heads and tantalising taste buds worldwide.

Dark Knight is shaking things up, proving that even the most unexpected corners of the world can give birth to something truly extraordinary. So, ready to ditch the expectations, now embark on a journey where tradition meets modern swagger — a small village in Assam becomes the birthplace of a spirit that's taking the world by storm. Let's raise a glass to Castle Hill’s Dark Knight whiskey by Radiant Manufacturers!

Let’s start with the beginning of the whiskey-to-riches tale! Back in the swinging' 60s, a guy named Mr Dani Chand established this empire with a little liquor shop in Kohima, Nagaland. Mr Chand wasn't just selling drinks; he was dreaming big! Turns out, it was the seed from which a vast empire would grow. This venture, initially modest, laid the groundwork for what would become Northeast India's most celebrated whiskey brand. Today the distillery produces over 50,000 litres of grain-neutral spirit per day.


Mr. Chand, a true bourbon aficionado, decides to create his liquid masterpiece. He joins forces with John MacDougall, a whisky legend who's practically seen it all, from the rolling hills of Scotland to the bustling distilleries of the US. Together, they embark on a quest – to craft a whiskey that pays homage to the classic bourbon style, but with a twist (or two, or maybe even a bamboo charcoal filter!).

Here's where things get interesting, they age their creation in fancy, charred new oak casks, not to mention filtering it through bamboo charcoal. Sounds fancy, right? But it's not just about the bells and whistles – the final product is a 4-year-old smooth operator. Think of it like this: it's oily and buttery on the rocks, with a smooth, almost velvety feel, and a little spicy kick to finish it off.


At the core of Dark Knight Whiskey's allure is its alchemical process, where traditional distillation methods meet modern innovation. The selection of locally sourced ingredients like corn and broken rice pays homage to the agricultural bounty of Northeast India. The whiskey's maturation in newly charred oakwood casks introduces a complexity and depth of flavour that is rare and sought after. The use of bamboo charcoal for filtration and the pristine waters of the Dhansiri River further imbue the spirit with a unique character, marrying the essence of Northeastern tradition with the sophistication of modern distilling techniques.

Dark Knight Whiskey is surely the shining star of Radiant Manufacturers, but that's just the tip of the iceberg! This distillery isn't just about one legendary whiskey; it's a playground of flavours and an ode to innovation.

Think beyond the Dark Knight for a second. Have you heard of Lost Treasure Coffee Rum, a taste bud adventure that blends rich coffee notes with the smooth warmth of rum? Or maybe you're more of a White Magic Tango Gin & Orange kind of friend, where juniper meets citrus and sparks fly in your glass.

Each of their creations is like a mini-story, whispering tales of the vibrant culture and the can-do spirit of Northeast India. It's a testament to the fact that even the most established companies can keep things exciting, always pushing boundaries and exploring new flavour horizons.

The journey of Dark Knight Whiskey from the heart of Assam to the shelves of global connoisseurs is a narrative of cultural confluence and global recognition. It exemplifies how regional crafts can transcend boundaries, bringing together diverse people and palates in appreciation of a shared passion for whiskey. This spirit, rooted in the traditions of Northeast India, is now a bridge connecting the region with the world, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of its heritage and craftsmanship.


As Dark Knight Whiskey and Radiant Manufacturers look to the future, they stand at the precipice of new possibilities. The journey ahead is not just about expanding a brand but about continuing to innovate, inspire, and impact the world of spirits and beyond. It's about distilling dreams into reality, nurturing the next generation of craftsmen, and further elevating the profile of Northeast India on the world stage.

So, we all have heard about Dark Knight, the smooth operator with its unique ageing process. But guess what? Mr Chand, the mastermind behind this masterpiece, has even BIGGER plans!

He's building a whole ecosystem, and Dark Knight is just the first piece of the puzzle. Think of it like a kingdom, where everything works together in perfect harmony. One key element is casks – those fancy barrels where the magic happens. Mr Chand's vision? To create casks seasoned with Dark Knight, just like used bourbon casks are prized in Scotland. He's laying the groundwork for other distilleries to level up their game with these special casks. Talk about a strategic move!

But that's not all! Chand's got a double-barreled surprise up his sleeve – a single malt aged in both ex-bourbon and ex-Dark Knight casks. It's like a flavour fusion dance in your glass, and trust us, you'll want to be invited to the party! And the grand finale? A global blended whisky, a masterpiece combining Jammu malts, their grain whisky, and even some Scotch malts. Now that's a recipe for world domination, whiskey style! Isn't it?

Photo: castlehilldarkknight/Instagram