Top 7 Shawarma in Delhi: A Guide to Scrumptious Wraps

Who doesn’t love a good shawarma? We’ve found you some places in the capital city that you must check out.

Published On May 05, 2023 | Updated On Apr 22, 2024


One of Delhi's most well-liked street delicacies, shawarmas are enjoyed by both residents and visitors. These Middle Eastern wraps are frequently prepared with marinated meat, like chicken or lamb, then placed into pita bread along with veggies and sauces. Typically, the meat is roasted slowly on a vertical rotisserie, which results in juicy, tender flesh. Shawarmas are quick and inexpensive snacks that have established themselves as favourites in Delhi's street food scene. We’ve curated a list of the best shawarma places in Delhi so you don’t need to look further next time you’re craving delicious shawarma!


Here are the seven shawarma places in Delhi you must try:

Al-Bake is a well-known and highly-rated shawarma restaurant that is situated in Defence Colony. For more than 20 years, the restaurant has been serving its famous shawarmas, which are a hit with both locals and visitors. Al Bake fans call this the best shawarma in Delhi. Their chicken shawarmas are succulent and tasty, and they use a lot of fresh vegetables like lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. The meat is given a mouthwatering scent and texture by being slowly roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Garlic sauce, mint chutney, and mayonnaise are among the condiments that go with the shawarmas. Even though Al-Bake is frequently busy, the wait is worthwhile.

Spice Aangan, a popular shawarma restaurant in Delhi, is situated near the busy SDA Market. The eatery offers a selection of Middle Eastern specialities, including shawarmas, falafel, and hummus. Their chicken shawarmas are filled with seasonal vegetables and sauces and are created with tender, flavourful meat. The tangy garlic sauce that goes with the shawarmas is the ideal accompaniment to the flavours of the meat and vegetables. This spot sees a lot of IITians as regular customers since the IIT Delhi campus is just opposite the SDA market. For students, this has for decades been regarded as the best shawarma place in Delhi.

One of the top shawarma restaurants in Delhi is Shawarma Wala, a small and inconspicuous establishment in Kamla Nagar. The eatery is renowned for its special spice mixture, which gives the meat a tasty and soft texture. You must try their chicken and lamb shawarmas, which come with a choice of sauces and garnishes like pickled onions, cucumber slices, and mint chutney. Although the restaurant is modest and frequently busy, the attentive staff and mouthwatering shawarmas make the wait worthwhile. For those in the area, this is often regarded as the best shawarma place in Delhi.


Shawarma King, a modest but well-liked eatery in Karol Bagh, offers mouthwatering shawarmas at affordable costs. The restaurant serves juicy, well-seasoned chicken and lamb shawarmas that come with a choice of sauces and toppings, such as garlic sauce, hummus, and pickled vegetables. Pita bread is used to wrap the shawarmas, and its soft, fluffy texture perfectly matches the flavours of the meat and sauces. For everyone in and around Karol Bagh, this is undoubtedly the best shawarma in Delhi.

The best shawarmas in Delhi may be found at Kennedy's, a Lebanese restaurant in West Patel Nagar. The chicken shawarmas served at the restaurant are produced with tasty, tender meat that is slowly roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Fresh vegetables and sauces, such as hummus, tabbouleh, and garlic sauce, are put into the shawarmas. The restaurant has a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for a leisurely dinner.


In South Delhi, Kebab Gali in Malviya Nagar is a well-known destination for shawarma enthusiasts. The succulent chicken used in the restaurant's chicken shawarmas is marinated in a mixture of spices and roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Pickled vegetables, lettuce, and onions are among the sauces and toppings that come with the shawarmas. The restaurant is a terrific place to get a fast bite because of its relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Al Zaitoon, which is located in Okhla, is yet another example of the best shawarma restaurant in Delhi. Middle Eastern cuisine is served at the restaurant, including shawarmas, biryanis, and kebabs. The shawarmas come with a choice of sauces and garnishes, including pickled vegetables, hummus, and garlic sauce. The restaurant's roomy, open atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely supper with family and friends.


Shawarma lovers have several options in Delhi, with each location offering a distinctive twist on the Middle Eastern speciality. Whatever your taste in shawarma—spicy, acidic or savoury—there is a restaurant in Delhi that can satiate it. There are plenty of options in the city for shawarma aficionados, from the famous Al-Bake in Defence Colony to the cosy Kebab Gali in Malviya Nagar. So the next time you have a yearning for this delectable treat, visit one of these restaurants and treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner.

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