Top 9 New Indian Romantic Wedding Couple Poses In 2024

Capture the magic of your love story with these love-filled wedding couple poses for a photoshoot.

Published On May 19, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Wedding is not just a day full of excitement, it's a day to capture several memories that will last a lifetime. We know that finding a picturesque destination, choosing the perfect decor to complement it, and narrowing down on your dreamy wedding look takes a lot of planning and effort. 

From finding the perfect destination, picking a dreamy decor to having the most scrumptious spread and picture-perfect outfits, couples invest a lot of time in each of the aspects that make up the perfect wedding. But when it comes to romantic wedding poses, most couples feel coy and unsure about the photographs they want.

So, how do we fix this? The most memorable memories of your big day can be captured beautifully if the wedding couples' pose ideas are decided well in advance. It's imperative to find wedding poses for couples that align with their story and style. Worry not, we've done the work for you and jotted down some ideas. 

Simplicity can give you the best wedding couple poses for a photoshoot. Real love doesn't need much effort to be captured. The bride holding the groom’s arm and resting her head on him is one of the sweetest poses that is effortlessly adorable. This simple pose is easy to recreate and frame it forever.   

Next on our list of romantic wedding poses is a simple yet impactful pose where the groom stands slightly behind the bride, he looks into the camera while she is caught daydreaming. This tiny variation in posing will reflect the power couple you are.

The bride looking down while lifting her maang tikka as the groom puts on the sindoor is one of the most heartfelt couple poses in weddings that is as natural as it gets. Immensely emotive, this pose captures the true essence of the union and is fairly easy to achieve a romantic wedding pose to save in your most-treasured archives.

Something would be amiss in the list of couple love poses if this post-pheras snap is not on the list. Being one of the first photos to be clicked as husband and wife, the newlyweds stand straight and look towards the camera with a hint of a smile, waiting to send this across to their loved ones announcing their sacred union.

During the wedding, you will come across many moments during the ceremony which is worth capturing and framing. Instruct your photography team to keep their cameras ready to freeze the magic moment like Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra's wedding announcement photo. These little moments make for the perfect wedding photo.

Lovebirds, bookmark this candid couple pose in a wedding - hold each other’s hands while walking around the sacred fire or saying your vows. It has a symbolic meaning - together in good times and bad, through health and in sickness, for richer or poorer. Instruct the photographer to click candid images during the pheras to capture this frame-worthy moment.

Growing up, we all looked at the old snaps of kings and queens and admired how magnificent they looked. Your wedding is just the perfect time to recreate that pose while showing off your beautiful attire. You can thank us later for reminding you of this timeless wedding couple pose idea.

Any wedding album would be incomplete without a photograph that has the bride and groom’s immediate family surrounding the newlyweds. There is something incredibly special about posing with your lovey-dovey along with new family members. One big happy family!

Pro tip: Do a similar pose with his friends and then with your friends to capture your world with all your special people in these 3-4 images and create a memory worth cherishing for years to come by.

The ultimate trick of getting beautiful shots for your wedding is to never stop gushing - especially when you are teasing your better half during the varmala part. A bit of teasing during exchanging garlands will make for an effortless couple love pose.

What makes these wedding poses for couples special is the essence of love and connection that binds the bride and the groom. Whether it is a romantic wedding couple pose or a candid couple pose at a wedding, photography is a brilliant way to make memories that will last forever. Make sure to save references when it is time to strike a pose at your wedding so you can have picture-perfect shots.

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Photo: Instagram/kiaraaliaadvani, priyankachopra