How To Plan A Destination Wedding Like A Pro

Your guide to planning a destination wedding without a planner

Published On Oct 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Planning a destination wedding is no joke and that’s why we have designated planners who will do the job for you, but at a price. They cost a bomb, so if you’re not up to shelling that out for your wedding you need to take things into your own hands. Start with how to plan a destination wedding, slowly move towards finding local vendors, finalise a guest list, and so on.

Planning a wedding without a planner will sail smoothly if you consistently map out your to-do list. If you are up for the challenge, here are some wedding planning tips on how to pull off a stunning affair at Unique Wedding Destinations.  

Ask us how far in advance should you plan a wedding, and we’ll say a year. Why? The first step of wedding planning is budget allocation. You need to have a rough idea of how much you can spend on things that matter the most to you. For some, it could be a wedding photographer, while others might use that for their bridal outfits. Plan and map out your destination wedding expenditures because the biggest chunk, whether you like it or not, will go into booking the venue and accommodation for the guests.

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Ask any professional how to plan a wedding destination, and they’ll tell you that assessment is the most important step. After booking your wedding venue, hotel, decorator and caterer, visit the destination again after three months. Meet the concerned people to re-plan the decor and visualise a final setup. Ask the caterer to whip up some bite-sized samples from the menu to ensure food is up to the mark. Taking these small actionable steps will help you avoid panic at the last minute.

During your three-month trip, finalise a top location for romantic pre wedding photo shoots to create memories of a lifetime.

One of the best destination wedding ideas to keep in mind is to source locally as much as possible. Using local decorators, florists, photographers, etc. will save you the extra cost of their travel and accommodation. Plus, they can help connect you with other options that give you a good deal that fits within your budget.

You have to plan your destination wedding based on the availability of hotel accommodations. Planning a more intimate gathering with few, close guests is easier and will ensure you offer the best to them. If you want to host a grand crowd, it is best to do it in your city with the help of professional planners.

How to plan a wedding destination without the hassle? The best way to avoid chaos, useless transportation expenditure and over-tiring your guests is to book the same venue for your stay and wedding functions. Not only does this make attending functions easier, but hotels offer hefty discounts on wedding packages that include staying, meals and function charges in a single bill. 


Cliche as it sounds, one of the best wedding planning tips to follow is to create a journal. Whether it is a diary or an excel sheet that can be accessed from your desktop and phone, it is extremely important to note every little nuanced detail. Start with contact details of vendors, guest travel details, vendor payments and decor options because you will forget something in the rush of things.

As a bride and groom, you have enough on your plate, so don’t shy away from asking for help from your friends and family. Delegate duties like packing and distributing guest welcome kits. Helping aged family members from their room to the wedding venue or coordinating with the hotel staff to ensure functions run smoothly and on time.

Creating a WhatsApp group, website or Facebook page with your wedding details will make things easy for you and the guests. Right from posting local maps, weather details, flight timings and wedding event themes, you can address all your guests with a single message.

When planning a wedding without a planner, use your creativity and a little bit of Pinterest to come up with nifty decor ideas. The whole reason you are having a destination wedding is that you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of the place. So, opt for minimal decor that creates a statement without eating into the budget. Fairy lights and playful signages work well on the Sangeet night. Colourful drapes and local handicrafts as favours are hassle-free for a Mehendi event. 


When it comes to having a destination wedding, always account for the unexpected. This means you will need to set aside a small portion of your wedding budget for contingencies. It can be anything from tipping hotel staff to baggage fees at the airport or an extra lunch bill you didn’t account for. Reserving extra cash for the final hour will keep you prepared for the unexpected.

Before you jet off on your imaginary honeymoon, use our guide on how to plan a wedding destination without the help of any professional planner. Check out the top spots for destination weddings in India.

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