Rap Sensation King Launches Perfume Brand With House Of X

The ‘Tu Aake Dekh Le’ singer’s perfume, Blanko, is another product of the content creator economy.

Published On May 23, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Entrepreneur and podcaster, Raj Shamani has launched a tech platform, House of X, to enable modern creators to tap into their own brand power. House of X’s maiden foray has been with pop artist King to launch his own perfume range, Blanko. The perfumes are available in two variants—Dawn and Dusk—which are already sold out. 


King, best known for his songs, Tu Aake Dekhle and Maan Meri Jaan, described the two perfumes as two facets of a person. “Both perfumes have been created for different reasons, one is designed for everyday wear and the other is about non-active time,” he explains. Dawn has a citrus base with top notes of lime and pepper and mid-notes of lavender. It is designed for daytime and everyday wear. While Dusk, as the name suggests, is for evenings. It has woody notes with top notes of sandalwood, vanilla and juniper. 

With its powerful long-lasting formulation and minimalist packaging, King has a single message for his consumers—it is your life, make it count. The perfumes will be back in stock on the Blanko website and will be priced at Rs 999 for Blanko Dawn and Rs 1499 for Blanko Dusk. The perfume is named after one of King’s early songs of the same name—he describes the song as “underrated” but the idea of the perfume was, “I want my fans to have the conviction that they can confidently embark on their journeys of self-discoveries, and shatter the stereotypes with their loud and bold dreams. The very foundation of Blanko is built on their dreams.”


The association between Shamani and King came about in the wake of the former’s podcast session with King. Shamani shares, “King spoke about how he doesn't believe in just releasing a song or just putting his art out there. He believes in giving a feeling out there so everything beyond is an extension of that. King is a feeling of confidence—as we brainstormed more on the perfect product, it was how can we bottle the King confidence and share it with the world.” 

“As a man who has grown from scratch, I am a man who seeks learning. So, for me to be able to break the rules, disrupt a market and start something afresh excited me. I also never had a doubt about partnering with Raj and House of X because we had the same thought process. So I knew if it had to be, it had to be with him,” King adds about the association.

Raj Shamani, co-founder, House of X

“Business X art and dream x art,” is how King defines his association with House of X, where the latter takes care of all the logistics, operations, customer outreach and more. While both Shamani and King were tight-lipped about future products, they assure that there are more in the pipeline. 

Speaking more about the content creator economy that House of X wants to tap, Shamani says, “Almost 60% of Gen Z buys based on recommendations while more than 75% have started buying based on discovery than intent.” House of X, therefore, wants to be a full-stack platform with end-to-end support for product ideation, manufacturing, shipping, payments, and scaling to a multi-million dollar business. 

Photo: House of X