Everything You Need To Know About Micro Bangs

Here’s the latest hair trend that's taken the red carpet and salons by storm.

Published On Oct 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


 One of the biggest hair trends in 2022 is micro bangs. If you’re just as clueless as we were, you need to know micro bangs, also popularly known as baby bangs, are super short bangs that fall two inches down on your forehead. An eccentric and bold hairstyle, baby bangs are not for the lazy girl in you. These may look low maintenance but this red carpet trend requires regular trims, styling and blow dry to keep the bangs smooth and frizz-free.

If you have decided to get micro bangs, consider your hair texture and face shape before snipping them off. One of the best haircuts for thin hair to look thicker, women with straight locks can try this trend without a second thought. Hairstyles for curly hair require extra styling and a slightly less micro version of baby bangs works better on this texture.

Having said that, micro bangs are a great way to add fresh flair to an existing bland look. Try these trendy baby bangs ASAP!

A micro hairstyle that embraces a wispier take on the cool fringe cut, baby bangs are back from the ’50s and with a refreshed 2.0 version. Narrow chopped cuts bring an edgy glam to diamond-shaped faces, while a razor-sharp faux fringe from the ’90s looks better on oval faces. Today, celebrities like Bella Hadid, Charlize Theron and Emma Watson have brought their take on the curtain bang and there’s nothing we don’t love about their bold look.

If you love investing your time in looks that stand out, these micro bang styles are sure to make heads turn. Don’t fret if you have curly or frizzy hair. Hairstyles for curly hair work best when you embrace those luscious locks and are super easy to style. If we may say, they’re easier to maintain than straight hair. Just go about your natural hair care route — wash, use a styling product, scrunch and you’re done. The more tousled the curls are, the better these bangs look!

The classic razor-cut bob with micro bangs is a stellar look to style. Who better to inspire us than the Queen of experimental hairstyles herself — Charlize Theron? A slight undercut creates a voluminous bob, while the soft gold highlights perfectly complement her no-nonsense attitude. To maintain this simple yet stylish look, sleep with a silk headband to keep those bangs from going places. You also straighten them occasionally to achieve the desired slick flick.

One of the best hairstyles for medium hair, Barbie Ferreira is our inspiration for styling micro bangs with open tresses. Her medium-length hair is styled with soft curls and baby bangs that look pretty low maintenance as compared to Charlize’s sleek bob. Light hairspray is a magic potion for baby bangs. Spritz some on the bangs to style them without weighing them down.

Once you’ve decided that baby bangs are the way forward for you, there will be some new tweaks to your hair care routine. Just two inches of your tresses will need a good amount of effort to keep them looking their best. But, sometimes the extra work pays off, and you’ll be left with an on-trend and cool hairstyle. 

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