7 Easy Hairstyles For Curly Hair

7 easy everyday curly hairstyles for women who want to try something new.

Published On Aug 02, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Every straight-haired girl who wishes for curly hair has never fully understood the term “bad hair day”. Curls are beautiful, but there are days when they are unruly, unpredictable, and unmanageable. But when you give your hair proper TLC, even simple curly hairstyles can give you luscious and manageable locks. Want more proof?

Try these 7 easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair inspired by red-carpet celebrities.

A messy curly hairstyle, the dreamy up-do is a fuss-free no brainer look. Detangle your hair from bottom to top, gently opening up the knots and tying your hair into a sleek ponytail or bun. This heat-free quick hairstyle for short curly hair is ideal for a relaxed dinner out with friends. To get the best version of a dreamy up-do, let your curls air dry and then slather on a tiny amount of curl-defining cream before gathering it into a bun.

A ’90s trend brought back by Rihanna, this easy hairstyle for naturally curly hair is among the easiest of the lot. A sky-high pony with bright red lips, cat eye look, and a classic LBD is red-carpet perfect. For a more laid-back vibe, tease your curls to give more volume around the crown for a bedhead look. Stick two bobby pins under the ponytail to keep it lifted and bouncy. 

A cute hairstyle for curly hair, the half bun looks great on every hair length. Wear it messy or sleek, this quick on-the-go look is perfect for summer parties or a music festival. Gather your curls into a loose bun at the crown, ensure to take hair evenly from both sides and section off the rest. Twist your curls around your crown into a simple messy bun and you’re done!

Are you looking for ideas on how to tie curly hair in different styles? If yes, this side braid takes less than a minute to do and looks like a Pinterest-worthy hairstyle. Inspired by Amber Heard’s half-back side braid, this easy hairstyle for medium curly hair works best on freshly washed hair. Scrunch, air dry, and partition your curls to one side. Braid a small section and secure with a bobby pin for an effortless day-to-night look.

Space buns are a super cute and quick hairstyle for short curly hair. A very versatile look, space buns are perfect to keep hair off your face. Part your hair from the centre and work your way up to create two half-buns on either side. Secure baby hair by tucking them with a gel; follow it up with a spritz of hairspray to keep the buns in place. 

A natural curly hairstyle, the poised pouffe is fit for every occasion. From the red carpet to a movie night with friends, the pouffe is a statement look that is easier to conquer than you think. Start with a smoothening oil to tame your curls and slowly gather all of hair, from the roots to the crown. Secure the pouf bun with an elastic band and spread your curls in any way you’d like them.

Bangs and curly hair—a combination that is almost as unique as it sounds— the faux fringe is a great hairstyle for dry curly hair. The look requires time and precision with voluminous curly hair, so have patience. Hairstylist Irinel de Leon has a quick method to get cute faux bangs every single time. Make a high ponytail with a satin scrunchie to avoid hair damage. Bring your curls forward towards the forehead and tie a rolled-up bandana or scarf to create the effect of pseudo bangs. Adjust the bangs evenly, and you’re good to go!

From loose air-dried waves to slick gel-slathered buns, our simple curly hairstyles are fun alternatives to everyday staple looks. Check out these seven easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair, one for each day of the week. Beat Monday blues with a messy bun and slowly transgress into the weekend with a party pouffe look. 

Photo: Instagram/Taapsee Pannu