Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles: Your Guide to Flattering Cuts

A diamond face shape is among the most uncommon face silhouettes and a slightly tricky to style.

Published On Jul 19, 2022 | Updated On Apr 22, 2024


There are 7.96 billion people in the world, which means 7.96 unique faces. While determining your exact face type can be overwhelming, there are four standard face shapes- round, oval, heart and square. Why does this matter? A diamond face shape is among the most uncommon face silhouettes and a slightly tricky to style. A mix between a round and oval face cut, diamond face-shaped people have well-defined cheekbones, a small pointed chin, and a hairline that tapers upwards to the centre of a small forehead.

If you are still confused, some diamond face shape celebrities for reference are Halle Berry, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Aniston. While these beautiful faces can rock almost any hairstyle,

Here are 7 hairstyles for diamond face shape females looking to flatter their best features:  

Eiza Gonzalez accentuates her diamond face shape with a medium-length bob and side-swept layers. The short length of her hair draws attention to her sharp cheekbones and pointed chin, both of which are at the same eye level as the hair frame. This simple haircut for diamond faces is flattering as the side swept layers cover a part of the narrow forehead giving an illusion of length.

Jennifer Lopez’s deep middle parting and flattering baby hair is one of the best hairstyles for diamond face shape women looking to try something new. When picking a haircut for a diamond face, opt for styles that highlight your cheekbones while drawing attention away from the narrow forehead. This cute space bun look is super versatile and can be sported by women with medium and long hair. Use a fine tooth comb and hair gel to set those baby hair curls in place.

Picking out a haircut for diamond face people is tricky what makes it trickier are curls. Tracee Ellis Ross’s naturally curly cut is the perfect example to help diamond face shape women play with their hair’s original texture. Use a drop of hydrating hair oil to lock in moisture as you brush open knots and create volume across your face’s angular features. The softness and fullness of the curls create the illusion of a wider forehead and flatters the diamond face shape.

The length works well on a diamond face hairstyle because it allows you to incorporate looks that flatter the face from different angles. Emma Stone’s beach wave bob with fringes creates a symmetrical hair silhouette that beautifully frames her diamond face. The bangs create a widening effect on the forehead, while the bob adds fullness to the pointed chin.

A unique hair cut for diamond-face females is the short pixie crop. It highlights the cheekbones and opens up the face to focus on more prominent features- eyes and lips. Kate Hudson’s super cute pixie cut with downward layers adds volume on the crown and movement along the forehead to give a softer appearance to the face.

A visually effortless look, the pulled-back ponytail is a sleek updo for women with a diamond face shape. From Beyonce to Ashley Greene, this sporty ponytail look should be less voluminous to create a symmetrical arched face. The pulled-back hair creates the illusion of a wide forehead and a slender elongated face. A hair sculpting cream ensures your flyaways stay in place, so you achieve the desired clean slicked back look.

When we think of diamond face shape celebrities, we think of Scarlett Johanson. Sporting a chin-length bob with soft retro waves this old Hollywood glam look is one of the best hairstyles for diamond face shape women. This haircut softens the angular jawline, while the waves bring a balanced fullness to the crown leaving the killer cheekbones to do their job.

When looking for hairstyles for diamond face shape females should focus on smaller details. A fringe or side swept bangs draw attention to the cheekbones and flatter natural features. Inspired by our favourite diamond face shape celebrities, try these 7 hairstyles to see which one works best for you. 

Photo: Instagram/Beyonce