Workout In Style With Our Guide To The Best Workout Shirts For Women

Looking to marry comfort and style with the best gym t-shirts?

Published On Jun 06, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


This article is for every girl who longs to nurture her body and works towards being fit through all the highs and lows of life! It's no secret that workouts help us in more ways than one to regulate our physical, mental, and emotional health, keeping us fit to face every challenge that comes our way! But with a new kind of workout making waves almost every day, finding good workout clothes that are fashionable and functional, is a million-dollar question for every girl! While the best gym wear for men has limited options, it's great to have a pool of choices. We have you covered with the best workout shirts out there so you can make your pick and have all your workout looks lined up.  

What’s the most basic expectation from the most awesome gym shirts? Good workout clothes aid in free movement and help you reach your true potential. And a sports bra does that job in the best possible way. The fabric and fit aid mobility for a wide array of workouts like walking, yoga, running, kickboxing, and pilates among others.

If you are a curvy girl and struggle to find sexy workout shirts that don't dig into your body, then this one's for you. A slightly longer version of the sports bra in a relaxed fabric that isn't meant to cling to your body is the perfect choice for you. And what can we say? We love good colour block detailing on the best workout shirts.

Are you a Zumba girl craving to find a fit that is comfy chic? Here's the only workout shirt you need! Also one of the best gym t-shirt options, a mesh tee in a soft sweat-absorbent fabric is all you need to dance the hour away and burn that weekend pizza. What makes this one of the best workout shirts is how you can amp up the fashion game with a contrasting sports bra underneath.

While exercise shirts are largely form-fitted, a loose-fit hoodie is a great choice. A hoodie that can double up as a casual wear piece with a pair of high-waisted jeans, or a workout shirt that is versatile, comfortable and chic. What more could a girl ask for?

News flash! Athletic shirts can be as basic as a wardrobe staple: a classic white tee. Knot it to give it a stylish twist and add functionality to your workouts, avoiding your workout shirt from exposing you during a yoga session.

While we have listed the best gym t-shirts, these are not ideal athletic shirts for hikes and treks. For an outdoor activity, you need a workout shirt that is well-fitted but not tight, sweat-absorbing but not warm, and long enough for you to trek stress-free. Say hello to the old-school favourite and one of the best dry-fit t-shirts in the history of workout wear, a basic t-shirt in the perfect fit, length and fabric to check all of the above boxes.

PS: This workout shirt makes the best gym wear for men, so flaunt matching tees for some trek twinning!

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