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8 Tips On How To Match Jewellery With Your Outfit

Whether it’s fashion or traditional jewellery, here’s your guide to styling jewellery for different looks.

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What is one fashion staple that is part of every woman's wardrobe? Traditional or contemporary, silver or golden, light or heavy, exquisite jewellery can take your style up by several notches. If you don't want to reserve wearing jewellery for special occasions, find out how you can match jewellery with your outfit and your personal style. From vintage heirlooms to boho chic and modern minimalistic styles, we have rounded up a list of helpful multi-functional jewellery tips that complement a vast variety of looks. Take your pick.

8 Tips On Styling Different Types of Jewellery For Women

When you are styling hand jewellery like rings and bangles, or neck jewellery like chains, the secret to having fun is layering. Experiment with contrasting shapes, textures and even colours to amp up the style quotient of your outfit. Layering necklaces with a mix of simple chokers and chains of different lengths draws attention to your face.

Bangles, bracelets and stackable rings in interesting combinations and colours like gold and silver create a ripple of flash as you transition from day to evening looks. And if you want to experiment with edgy styles, pair different earrings with studs, cuffs and hoops to turn an otherwise simple day outfit into a visual treat.

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When it comes to jewellery styles, one rule of thumb is to know when to stop. If you choose to layer your neck jewellery with chains, avoid bangles that compete for attention. Similarly, if you’ve chosen to style a pair of statement earrings, let go of the cocktail ring. Sometimes a bold necklace and earrings work beautifully together but keep in mind the occasion you are dressing for.

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You’re in a rush, and it’s all too easy to forget the earrings. One of the most understated jewellery styles, earrings are usually very important because they give a peek into an individual’s personality. They’re always visible, and when chosen correctly, earrings complement a woman’s hairstyle, eye colour, skin tone and outfit.

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Amp up your accessory game with contrasting chain colours, solid rings, bangles and earrings to add a vibrant touch to your look. Mix up your heirloom jewellery with gold bangles or a statement silver ring because there are no boundaries to define your sense of style.

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How to match jewellery with your outfit? Sounds simple, but once you start dressing it gets tricky. Try to pick your neck jewellery or hand jewellery beforehand and match it with your clothing.

Pair a deep plunging dress with a long, coloured necklace, a diamond ring and a pair of matching earrings for a semi-formal dinner event.

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Choose a focal point for your jewellery on one part of your body and let it shine. Whether it is to draw attention to your neck, ears or hands, make sure your outfit or other accessories don't steal the limelight if you want to create a standout look.

Style a pair of zodiac-inspired jewellery with a laid-back brunch look, and let the unique pieces do the talking for you.

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A slight influence of trends that complement your taste and personality is good. But when it comes to choosing jewellery styles, choose styles that match with your personal style and will be timeless. Let your colour preferences, physique and sense of style dictate your jewellery choices.

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The best style tip to follow is to experiment with different types of jewellery and have fun while doing it. If you love styling men’s jewellery, break the rules and create a new look that reflects your free, confident spirit. Don't confine your jewellery choices to pearls and matching diamonds just because you are a woman.

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Be it fashion jewellery or statement heirlooms, let each piece you style complement your personality and wardrobe. Use these tips to elevate your everyday looks as you flaunt your treasures with panache. 

Photo: Instagram/Ami Patel; Instagram/Sukriti Grover; Shutterstock
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