5 Types of Men's Footwear That Are a Rage This Monsoon

Our recommendations for men's footwear for the monsoon season that are stylish and functional!

Published On Oct 04, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


The rainy months in India compel you to upgrade to better monsoon footwear. No one likes the water gushing and splashing inside the soles of their footwear, and as a result constantly rain-soaked cold feet.

When it comes to footwear, one would think there is a plethora of options for monsoon footwear for ladies only. However, men's monsoon footwear isn't far behind. What's important with monsoon shoes is that they are sturdy and comfortable for your feet and at the same time equipped with a feature that allows them to remain dry and clean.

Since minimalist men's fashion is in vogue, here are 5 types of monsoon footwear that are stylish and functional.


It's crazy how slides have made their way from being house or poolside slippers to a regular fixture in everyday footwear for men. Their practical design makes them a great option for monsoon shoes as well. The best part about a pair of slides is that they are multi-purpose and all-season. You can pick something in a single or even multiple colours and pair these with casual and loungewear. They may have started out as street fashion, but today even big brands offer cool slides in a plethora of price ranges.


Similar to slides, flip flops are usually the go-to footwear for men when it comes to loungewear. They are also preferred during the monsoon since they keep your feet open, which is better than closed footwear that tends to retain moisture. Their water-resistant material and ergonomic design makes them your all-weather friend. We recommend you invest in a branded pair of these slip-ons for better designs and durability.


Notorious when it comes to wet weather, right? Not anymore. Just one look over the internet will tell you the amount of research that has gone into making closed monsoon shoes a better option. If you are weary of exposing your feet to rainwater and inviting unwanted infections, solid boots are a must-have in your monsoon footwear collection. They are best worn while walking or commuting in the rains and will keep your feet absolutely dry and clean. Make sure you let the insides of the boots breathe as a part of regular footwear maintenance.

This type of monsoon footwear is a very good alternative to regular floaters. They cover your foot from the top with a closed toe, and just leave some spaces on the sides, in case the water flows into your sandals. These steer away from your typical monsoon shoes, but are much solid in design and functionality. They are also extremely comfortable and lightweight, and you can wear them with most outfits during the season, and even beyond. The appearance is unisex, making it a fine monsoon footwear for ladies as well.


Any shoe collection is incomplete without this monsoon footwear. Clogs have been all the rage for a while now and for good reason. It began as a sturdy everyday footwear option and now you will find several brands offering similar designs. They are a reliable daily option during the slippery weather and are an investment that you won't regret. Plus, they go with practically all kinds of casual and loungewear.

With more and more people focusing on the durability of products and year-round uses, there are several conscious brands thinking about our needs in terms of both fashion and usability. This has opened a whole new world for men's fashion, including footwear. So, go out and explore what suits you best this monsoon season, and further too!

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