Curtain Styles for the Living Room: Chic and Elegant Drapery

Find out how you can elevate the feel of your home with a breathtaking fall of curtains.

Published On Nov 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Graceful and luscious, curtains enhance not only our houses but also our lives. Providing pristine privacy and making our adobes ever so more stylish, these drapes are severely underappreciated. Especially when we consider living room decor, curtains take up a good 25% of the walls but often go unaddressed. We worry more about the centerpiece and the sofa, the carpet and the chandelier, leaving the curtains as an afterthought. It is time we change this habit and put curtains first. Join us as we pull back the curtain on some of the most appealing curtain styles for the living room.


If you are someone who cannot decide between blinds and curtains, then this curtain style for the living room is for you! Roman shades work like blinds, going up and down to regulate the amount of light entering your living room. However, they are made of curtain-like materials and often come in vibrant colors and patterns. While they are not as light and flowy as curtains, they will elevate your living room with their uniqueness. 


The living room is a sacred place. The center of all social events, big or small, it needs to reflect the essence of the house and its hosts. An attractive curtain style for the living room that also represents all that you are is old and beautiful patterned upholstery. If your vibe is boho chic or perhaps geometric precision, then let your curtains bear your soul, allowing your living room to stand out.  

Like a rain of glitter, beaded curtains can make your living room shine like nothing else can. Additionally, they make little melodious chinks as you enter or exit the room, punctuating your presence with musical grace. Drip your home in luminous elegance by giving beaded curtains a chance and witness them revolutionize your living space. 


It is so common for the curtain style for the living room to be very light, not blocking enough sun, or too dark, not allowing sufficient light within. But, with layered curtains, you can easily monitor the degree of sunshine you let inside your home. Moreover, you can tie and drape the layers in a number of poised patterns, giving a ballroom makeover to your living room.


Everybody likes their privacy, but it's not always guaranteed in the living room. However, with the room-divider curtain style for the living room, you allow your flowy drapes to act like doorways, protecting your privacy without crudely cutting off the room. Be it a cozy reading nook or a napkin closet, you can use this ingenious drapery to conceal what you want to hide without anybody judging you for it. 

When you think of curtains, what do you think of? Do you think of elegantly twisted frills, gracefully carved cloth intricately layered to create an ethereal image? That is what most people associate curtains with. So try out some detailed knots to introduce a unique curtain style to your living room. Some of the most popular styles of draping curtains include tuxedo pleats, heavy arches, grommet, and Victorian valances. 

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If you are investing a lump sum in decorating your living room, then why not go the full mile and actually match the carpet to the drapes, no pun intended. From your ottoman to cornices, allow your curtain style for the living room to be cohesive with the overall vibe. This decor synchrony will surely leave your guests feeling comforted and at home in your home. 

Curtains have long symbolized both luxury and privacy, acting as a glamor that paradoxically signifies invitation and exclusion. Use these works of art to turn your living room into the centerpiece of your house, attracting your family and guests for a day of leisure and social murmur. Now that the curtains are drawn and your head is full of ideas on how you can use curtains to completely transform your living room, it is time to grab the drawstring  and let the show begin! 

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