7 Home Décor Ideas For An Instagram-Worthy Living Room

It's simple to update your living room on a budget once you've invested in a few high-quality living room decoration items.

Published On Jan 29, 2022 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


For most of us, decorating your living room, and putting together an Instagram-worthy home costs a good amount of money. Fabrics, rugs, furniture, and more can all burn a big hole in your pocket. However, here are some simple tips to achieve a high-end look for your living room without spending a fortune. It's simple to update your living room on a budget once you've invested in a few high-quality living room decoration items. A few changes to the colour scheme, decorative accessories, or furniture layout can make a huge difference without spending a fortune. Here are some living room design ideas to make your room more aesthetically attractive.

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the book for maximising light in your living room. When you use mirrors creatively in your home, they can be used for more than just checking your appearance; they can also be utilised to capture light and project it onto dark corners, create textural and spatial illusions, and highlight your favourite accessories and decorative items by reflecting them into your vision from various angles.

A living room, like every other room in the house, should be well lit. To this end, use a combination of large windows—that let in natural light—and properly positioned light fixtures, like table lamps and ceiling lighting. To maximise warmth and give character to the room, use a variety of wall, ceiling, floor, and table lamps.

Consider a minimalist approach to your living room's design to renovate with stuff you already own. Remove all plants, art, lamps, and décor. Once you've decluttered, clear the space of unwanted items. Slowly reintroduce items until you find the ideal fit—you'll typically discover that adopting a less-is-more approach opens up and refreshes the space.

A touch of greenery will always make a space feel more polished. Adding a plant or two to your living room décor may bring that finishing touch—whether you only have the space for a little houseplant or you have the time and energy to invest in booming species like a fiddle-leaf fig.

Lighting has the ability to change an area in more ways than just brightening it. Make a statement in your living room with a striking flush mount chandelier, which is ideal for rooms with low ceilings, or sophisticated pendant light in larger rooms. The moment your guests step inside your room, their eyes will light up, and they will admire the new look.

Cleaning and organising your living room is one of the quickest methods to modernize it. A fast dusting and a thorough decluttering can instantly refresh any room—and all it takes to restyle your space is a few hours of rigorous cleaning. Start with the most prominent areas and work your way down.

Are your drapes hung just below the ceiling and far beyond the window's edge? If they aren't, consider removing them and rehanging them. Curtains that are as high and broad as possible will make your windows appear larger and allow more natural light into the room, instantly making it appear more expensive. You might also change the way they're styled. Consider tying them back or purchasing a few curtain hooks if you regularly push curtains aside during the day.

Remember that it is entirely up to you how you decorate your living room. It can either blend in with the rest of the house or stand out as a dramatic contrast to the rest of your space. The only thing that matters is that you feel at home.

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