7 Ideas For A Bedroom Makeover Your Daughters Will Love

Looking at bedroom makeovers for your girls? We got some ideas for you.

Published On Apr 24, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


A girl's bedroom is a refuge where she may express herself, unwind, and feel protected, in addition to being a place to sleep.
It can be thrilling and entertaining to design a girl's bedroom, but with so many various design possibilities available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. 

This article will help you with seven design ideas for the décor of a girl’s bedroom!


For young girls, princess-themed bedroom décor is a traditional choice for a bedroom design idea. Soft pinks and purples, plush fabrics like velvet and silk, and an abundance of sparkling embellishments like glittery wallpaper, chandeliers, and fairy lights are common elements of this type of girl bedroom design idea. This motif would look fantastic with a canopy bed or a four-poster bed with a tulle canopy. To finish the design, think about adding some princess-themed wall decor, such as a castle mural or a princess carriage decal.


Bold patterns, vivid colours, and organic textures like rattan, jute, and macrame can create a more comfortable and bohemian-inspired décor for a girl’s bedroom. A tapestry or rug layered with various textiles can give the space a warm, eclectic feel. In order to create a calm and relaxing ambience, think about incorporating some indoor plants and a swing chair to really elevate this girls' bedroom décor idea.


For girls of all ages, vintage-themed bedroom décor can be a delightful and classic design idea. This design usually includes historical furniture pieces like a vanity or a rocking chair, classic prints like floral or gingham, and vintage-inspired decor items like old clocks and photo frames. To complete this décor design, think about adding some vintage-inspired wallpaper or a rug.


Think about using a modern bedroom design style for a more contemporary and sleek décor. This design often uses strong flashes of colour, minimalist furnishings, and clean lines. The area may feel contemporary and edgy with the addition of a statement piece like a distinctive lamp fixture or a wall painted in a vivid accent colour. For a hint of glitz, think about adding geometric patterns or metallic elements.


Choose a bedroom décor design idea that is nature-inspired if your girl enjoys the outdoors. Earthy hues like greens and browns, raw materials like wood and stone, and botanical designs can all be used to create this girls' bedroom décor idea. This bedroom décor idea can be given a playful and whimsical touch by using a treehouse bed or floral wallpaper. To complete this décor idea, think about including some genuine or fake plants and nature-inspired artwork.


A glamorous design idea can be ideal for a girl’s bedroom, who adores all things glam. This look is frequently distinguished by metallic elements, opulent materials like satin and velvet, and an abundance of glitz and bling. Glamour can be added to the space with the help of a mirrored dresser or a soft velvet headboard. For a sense of luxury, think about adding some crystal chandeliers and a luxurious area rug.


Pick an artsy design décor idea theme for a girl who enjoys using art to express herself. Bold colours, distinctive patterns, and a tonne of imaginative DIY projects may all be used to create this look. Think of incorporating a gallery wall of her own artwork or a chalkboard wall. A unique and personalised touch can be added to the space with the help of a DIY headboard constructed from painted wooden pallets or a tapestry fashioned from her favourite t-shirts.

A girl's bedroom can be made to look lovely and practical using a variety of design aesthetics. You may make a space that she will adore and want to spend time in by selecting a design aesthetic that represents her personality and hobbies. To make sure the area truly reflects her own style and personality, don't forget to involve her in the design process. This will make her feel more invested in the room. 

Additionally, here are some tips to get started on your girl’s bedroom décor idea once you have finalised a theme:

Choosing a colour scheme is the first step in designing a girl's bedroom. The girl's personality and preferences should be reflected in the colour palette.

One of the key components of a girl's bedroom is bedding. Choose bedding that fits the room's colour scheme and theme, is soft, and is comfortable to sleep on. If you want to give the bed some texture and interest, think about adding a few ornamental pillows.

A girl's bedroom's walls are an untapped canvas for the imagination. Think about including paintings, murals, or wall decals that match the room's concept. Consider framing some of their artwork or photos if you want a low-cost solution.

The bedroom of a girl should be tidy and uncluttered. Think about including extra storage options like bookcases, a chest of drawers, or a closet organiser. To store little goods like jewellery, hair accessories, and toys, use beautiful baskets or boxes.

The lighting in a girl's bedroom is crucial for any bedroom décor design idea. Think about including overhead lighting, a desk lamp, and bedroom lamps. Choose lighting elements that go well with the room's colour scheme and design.

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