5 Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas To Celebrate With At Home

Here are some simple and stylish tips that can elevate your Valentine’s night to a whole new level!

Published On Feb 11, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Mush alert! Yes, it’s the month of love, and everything around you may scream ‘Valentine’s Day’. Of course, the wait to the D-day is filled with a whole lot of excitement and nervousness. You want everything to be perfect on the big night, but at the same time, you don’t want to give in to run-of-the-mill experiences. 

Think of this — you head out to a buzzing restaurant, only to be disappointed with the loud, screechy music that they play? Ah, that’s a bummer! And even if you choose a quiet spot, the very idea of a date with 50 couples around may not really make the cut. After all, we are past our teeny-bopper romance days. 

So, what’s the next best idea? To set up a cosy décor at home! A Valentine’s date night at home is an intimate affair and provides you with the freedom to plan things to your liking. From using soft colours that exude romantic vibes to creating an alfresco dining experience in your garden/balcony — the ideas are countless! All you need to do is get some things in order and unleash your creativity. Nah, it’s not so hard. 

To help you out, we got in touch with some of the best décor experts. Here are some simple and stylish tips that can elevate your Valentine’s night to a whole new level!

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This Valentine’s Day, make your backyard or outdoor space the perfect spot to host a date night. “Create an alfresco dining experience in your garden/balcony by using outdoor furniture. Synthetic wicker is ideal for outdoor spaces and can withstand rain or extreme weather. You could also set up an outdoor grill and organise a movie night here,” says Radeesh Shetty, Founder, and Director, Beruru. 

You could also plan a picnic with your SO to make the whole vibe fun and exciting. “Use hanging paper lanterns in your backyard along with green planters, red/brown cushions, and create a romantic ambience with mood lighting and lots of candles,” says Shetty. 

What’s Valentine’s Day without a touch of colour? It’s sure to uplift the mood of your date night like no other. Red is the dominant shade (or that’s what we believe), but being experimental won’t hurt anyone. 

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“Make use of colours that aren’t too contrasting but sit well together. Soft colours like blush, off-white and pinks are not loud, and yet, add the much-needed romantic vibes to your spaces. Also, there are times when we overdo things, especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day. Steer clear of that and go for a cozy and comfortable setup than an elaborate one,” says Tanvi Kaul, Founder,  âme. 

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and an intimate space that’s perfect to celebrate love with your partner. Remember you do not have to be over the top in any way, just a few additions here and there can really make a difference.  

“Adding a pretty pastel-coloured throw will come in handy for cuddles, and don’t forget to match the bedroom curtains with the rest of the setup. Scatter a few cushions around and add a soft textured floor carpet in the same colour as the bedspread. Soft prints with a flow and a watercolour effect will add to the romantic,” says Kaul. 

You could also try out this idea, advised by Pragya Jain, Co-founder, Artychoke. “Add in the colour of love to your bedroom, for a pop of shade and to break the monotony. Adding vibrant colour to your room will complement the other muted tones, and bring the focus to your setup. It can take the Valentine's Day vibe up by a notch.” she adds. 

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“Use jars, platters, wooden tabletop accessories, and table mats as they can create a table setting and mood. Create a colour scheme and theme that brings back memories of the times you’ve spent together, and work around it. You can light some scented candles for a perfect candlelight dinner, “says Jain.


Letting your Valentine know how much you care is the most beautiful part of Valentine’s date night. Isn’t it? Wait till they fall into your arms (oh yes, this might just turn out to be movie-like). 

“Add meaning and value to your love by hanging elegant wall art and customised neon lights words. Let your most beautiful memory be captured in a photo frame, and give your valentine a clear sign of how much you cherish all those moments,“says Pranjal Agrawal, Founder of Hermosa Design Studio and Furnmill. 

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“Let your space exude luxury and comfort, while you plan your Valentine’s day filled with love. Try and use linen to witness a rare romance of opulence and style, exuding from every fibre of the fabric. The sheer softness of linen, especially in the bedding range, can embrace you with sophistication. It’s sure to impress your special someone, and give them one more reason to fall in love,” adds Nimit Singhi, Founder, Live Linen.

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