Disha Patani’s Diet And Workout Regime To Motivate You To Get Fitter

Fitness comes first for Disha Patani. That’s why we love everything about her workout routine.

Published On Aug 11, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Bollywood’s stunning beauty, Disha Patani is the talk of the town and in the best way possible. Taking after veteran superstar actors like Sushmita Sen and Shilpa Shetty Kundra, this B-town diva is a fitness motivator by just being herself. If you follow her on social media, you know her enviable sculpted body comes from sheer dedication and a strict diet. From kickboxing to deadweights, Disha Patani’s fitness regime is equal parts healthy eating and exercise.

We love it all, her performances, her physique, and her badass exercise routine. So here’s a little more about Disha Patani’s diet and fitness routine:

Living by the mantra of clean eating and healthy living, Disha Patani has a typically healthy breakfast. It includes eggs, milk, toast, juice, and fresh fruits. To ensure her diet provides her body with much-needed protein and vitamins, she includes leafy green salad bowls, brown rice, and dal in her lunch and dinner meals.

While on a shoot, she carries fresh fruit juices, almonds, and peanuts to curb midday hunger pangs. A healthy mix of carbs and proteins, for dinner Disha includes a protein-rich meal to avoid late-night binge eating. Her daily diet also ensures she has enough water throughout the day to keep herself hydrated.

Is giving up delicious dishes that easy? No! Even for a fitness freak like Disha, it requires willpower and a cheat day in between to keep her motivated with the diet.

Disha loves her core exercises and tries to dedicate one day a week to core strengthening. Disha Patani's workout videos on social media show her running, cycling, and using weights to reach her fitness goals. Besides strengthening muscles and toning the body, cardio increases blood circulation to give that fresh flushed look. Now we know where she gets her natural glow from.

The Baghi actress has a newfound love for kickboxing. Her roles require agility and flexibility, making this a perfect addition to her workout regime. Kickboxing does more than just burn calories, it tones the full body, amps up agility, and helps improve body strength and flexibility. You can see Disha Patani blowing solid punches and kicks in her Instagram video, and if that body doesn’t motivate you we don’t know what will.

Bollywood actresses have broken the age-old taboo on weight training being an exercise only for men. In a weight training video on her Instagram handle, Disha is seen lifting around 80 kilos. Believed to enhance endurance and metabolic rate, weight training is done to sculpt the body. The killer abs you see on her, don’t come without effort. From deadweight lifting to hip thrusts, Disha Patani’s workout routine is designed to provide overall fitness.

An actor’s bread and butter, dance is a core exercise style for Disha. After all, when you perform opposite a dance maestro like Tiger Shroff, you need to keep up. Disha’s raging item numbers are proof that the actor has a gift for the art of dancing. From spending hours perfecting a step, to shaking a leg to keep up with trends, Disha is an extraordinary dancer. It will take time and perseverance to keep up with her moves, but we've got to start somewhere.

Is there anything Disha Patani cannot do? We think not. An integral part of Disha Patani’s workout routine is gymnastics. In a video on Instagram, the actor is seen performing a Kong Vult like a pro. Also known as the Cat Pass or Monkey Vault, Kong Vault, used in parkour and freestyle running, is useful to cross long objects like a fence. Now the paps know how she escapes them every single time.

Giving veterans of the industry a run for their money, Disha Patani’s exercise and diet plan is curated to achieve more than just fitness goals. Healthy eating with a mix of cheat days and plenty of exercise releases endorphins, a happy hormone. So try her workout and diet style to stay happy and healthy.

Photo: Instagram/Disha Patani