B'Day Special: A Peek Into Disha Patani’s Fitness Regime

Instagram/Disha Patani

​The ‘Radhe’ actor Disha Patani, whose sculpted body is enviable, has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood and become somewhat of a fitness idol.

​As she turns a year older, we take a peek into all the action that earned her the title of being one of the fittest actors in Bollywood.

​What keeps the Bollywood actor and Tiger Shroff’s rumoured girlfriend going is a combination of rigorous workouts and a strict food plan. While details of her diet are few, most of her fitness routine is documented on Instagram.

​Strength Training

​It's a known fact that the best way to build a strong core is by focusing on our arm and back muscles, and Disha understands that perfectly well.


​Disha swears by weightlifting, as part of her strength-training routine, since it has multiple benefits – from a strong core and abs to burning calories.


​Most of Disha's jaw-dropping fitness moments on social media are those of her kickboxing. Did you watch that video where she aces a triple kick?


​When not at the gym or the kickboxing studio, Disha is busy shaking a leg to trending songs. And it's not just for fun. These dance sessions are also high-intensity cardio workouts.


​Apart from kickboxing, Disha shares a love for gymnastics with Tiger. She often shares videos of her doing backflips and somersaults.

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