10 Best Ways To Keep Our Gut-Brain Axis In Top Condition


​The gut-brain axis is the physical and chemical connection between your brain and gut. Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal tells us 10 ways that focus on keeping this connection in top condition.

​1. Eat a light breakfast

​Sure, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But ensure you don't overdo it.

​2. Lunch FTW!

​Make lunch the biggest meal of your day, and ensure that you're eating a balanced meal.

​3. Eat When You're Truly Hungry

​Eat but don’t graze because by keeping a sufficient meal gap, you allow true hunger to build in between meals. Eat only when you are ‘truly’ hungry.

​4. No Calorie Counting

​Count on the quality of the food, not the calories.

​5. Chew Your Food

​Chew your food well; go slow and take breaks throughout the meal.

​6. Don't Eat In A Rush

​Keep your mind relaxed while eating, and avoid distraction as much as possible.

​7. Eat On Time

​Fix your meal timings and stick to that schedule on a regular basis.

​8. Follow The Sun

​Eat with the sun. Wake up early and feed yourself soon after you wake up. Stop eating close to sunset.

​9. Make Warm Water Your BFF

​Sip on hot (or lukewarm) water throughout the day.

​10. Practice Breathing Exercises

​Practice Anulom Vilom (alternate nostril breathing exercise – a type of pranayama in Yoga) for 10-15 minutes before bedtime.

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