7 Ayurvedic Tips For A Better Night's Sleep

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​A good night’s sleep daily is essential for the smooth functioning of our body and mind.

​Dr Vaishali Shukla, founder of Vedamrit, recently shared a list of Ayurveda-inspired sleep rules on her brand’s Instagram page. Check them out.

​1. Prioritise sleep

​It is suggested that you go to bed between 10 pm and 11 pm. Making this a habit may help your body function healthily.

​2. If you’re sleepy, sleep!

​Pushing yourself to stay awake to binge-watch or for whatever reason, when you are sleepy, may cause gut imbalance, lethargy, and headaches, according to Ayurveda.

​3. Practice padabhyangam

​Massaging your feet with a portion of warm or room temperature sesame oil may help you sleep better at night. This is an Ayurvedic treatment called ‘padabhyangam’, which is done using herbal oils.

​4. Pick your sleepwear wisely

​Go for loose and comfortable clothes while going to sleep, it may help you fall asleep faster and better.

​5. The perfect setting

​Ensure your bedding and bedroom environment is clean and comfortable. Also, that you sleep in complete darkness, which may help your circadian rhythm to function better.

​6. Consistency

​Practicing good sleep hygiene daily and consistently may ensure a good night’s sleep, which is believed to be a source of happiness and better strength. No grumpy, anxious mornings!

​7. No compensation allowed

​If you hamper your sleep schedule on weekdays and expect to cover that time over the weekend, then please know that it doesn’t work that way. Hampering your biological clock can lead to poor digestion, lack of energy, and hormonal imbalance.

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