Malaika Arora Swears By Chakravakasana To Relieve Stress

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​It’s Monday – time to make our weekly to-do list and achieve those goals. Bollywood actor and co-founder of Sarva Yoga, Malaika Arora does this too, and understands that the task list may cause involuntary stress.

​Malaika has shared a yoga tutorial titled ‘1-minute yoga to ease stress’ to help you relax and motivate you to take on this new challenge of the week.

​What is the asana?

​Malaika’s video tutorial features the cat-cow stretch, which is also known as chakravakasana in yoga.

​Why practice it?

​Stress is our body’s response to different types of pressure – emotional, mental, and physical. If left unchecked for a long time, it can lead to mental or physical illness, and harm our mind and body. Exercises like cat-cow pose may help to ease the stress.

​What does it do?

​The cat-cow pose involves moving our spine from a rounded position to an arched one. It targets our spine, lower back, and abdominal area, and helps to release tension.

​Cat-cow pose benefits

​The cat-cow pose is a basic stretch, commonly practiced to help improve our body’s balance and posture.

​Cat-cow pose benefits

​It also helps to maintain a healthy spine, and above all, makes for a good stress-reliever stretch.

​The cat-cow pose video was part of Malaika’s move of the week, which is a weekly video series where she shares a series of asanas and related benefits on social media.

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