10 Simple Self-Care Ideas You Can Practice At Home


​Contrary to what most people think, self-care isn't just about going on vacations to exotic locations or investing in expensive things and treatments. Here are simple ways to practice self-care everyday.

​1. Set a morning routine

​Start your day with refreshing cup of tea, practice yoga, or do an activity you enjoy and help your body and mind set the foundation for the rest of the day.

​2. Digital detox

​Go offline, take a break, and connect with yourself instead of scrolling through social media because it may make you anxious or unhappy.

​3. Fasting

​Fasting with an intention to take care of yourself, and allowing it to do its job of cleansing and detoxification effectively, is beautiful and counts as self-care too.

​4. Pause

​Every single day we are just so busy doing one task after the other that we rarely get to pause and just be.

​5. Get high on LSD

​Before you raise your eyebrows, LSD here means - long, slow, deep breaths. It's said that deep breaths are little love notes you can give yourself.

​6. Beauty sleep

​Sleep is a natural feel-good drug. In a time like now, where sleep seems so elusive, ensure your get your slumber.

​7. Ask for help

​You don't have to do everything all by yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

​8. Appreciate yourself

​Record or write a couple of things you truly love about yourself and then read or hear them over and over again for one week.

​9. Practice a hobby

​Having a hobby means you have something in your life that is beyond your daily chores.

​10. Have a good laugh

​Every time we laugh, it tricks the brain into believing that we are happy, even if it's fake laughter. It is powerful.

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