Yoga Poses To Improve Core Strength ft. Malaika Arora

Instagram/Malaika Arora and Sarva Yoga

​Malaika Arora is the epitome of fitness. Every week, the celebrity yogi and actor shares a yoga pose on Instagram with the hashtag #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek in a bid to inspire her fans and followers to lead a fitter life.

​She kickstarted 2022’s first week by performing the Parivrtta Trikonasana aka Revolved Triangle Pose with a stick. She revealed that this yoga pose helps strengthen core muscles and that it is one of her favourites. A strong core gives one a better posture and helps keep the torso toned.

​Our core is the ‘core’ of all our body movements. It helps better our posture, aids stability and mobility of our spine, improves balance, and keeps our body toned. If you wish for a strong core like Malaika’s, here are a few more yoga poses from her routine that you can practice – with expert guidance, of course.


​The boat pose aka Naukasana is popular among people aiming for weight loss. The 'Chaiya Chaiya' fame shared that it also strengthens back muscles and hip flexors.


​Also known as the chair pose, Utkatasana exercises the spine, hips, and chest muscles, and strengthens hip flexors, calves, and the back. Malaika shared that it also stimulates the heart and abdominal organs.


​Here's Malaika performing Paschimottanasana aka seated forward bend with a brick. This pose stimulates digestion and builds strength in your core and back. Using the brick makes it more challenging, you can avoid it if you're a beginner.

​Ardha Matsyendrasana

​Ardha Matsyendrasana opens your upper body, improves digestion, aids better spine health, and relaxes your mind and body.


​One of Malaika's favourite yoga asanas is the OG version of Trikonasana. This yoga pose is known for "improving overall posture and spine health", according to the fitness enthusiast. Avoid this asana if you have a neck or back injury or low/high blood pressure.

​Expert guidance is advised when working out at home since it may lead to injuries. Click on the tab below for tips from Ranbir Kapoor’s fitness trainer Shivoham to avoid injuries at home while exercising.

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