12 Bollywood Celebs Who Are Also Budding Chefs

These Bollywood celebrities love to cook and try out new recipes for their friends and family.

Published On Jan 10, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Happiness is homemade! We all know this saying, and it holds, especially for those of us who have gone that extra mile to make a difference. Lockdown 2020 encouraged so many folks from all over, especially a lot of celebrities to enter the kitchen and try their hand at cooking, not just snacks but even full-blown meals and whipping up mouthwatering desserts. Most of them took to Instagram to show off their culinary skills, leaving their fans impressed with their newfound talent!

We’ve got some popular Bollywood celebrities who not only rule the silver screen but can also floor you with their culinary prowess.

It is no secret that Deepika Padukone is one of those celebrities who loves to cook. She is a hardcore foodie and is a big fan of South Indian delicacies.

During the lockdown, she often shared her cooking experiments where she made everything, from biryani to cakes and made for the perfect celebrity chef. Deepika also revealed in one of her interviews that she loves making South Indian dishes such as idlis and rasam, owing to her strong southern roots. She also enjoys baking for her husband, Ranveer Singh. Some of her favourite kitchen experiments during the lockdown in 2020 included Thai delicacies like chopped Thai salad with sesame garlic dressing, Tom Yum soup and Thai green curry. She kept her fans updated by posting delectable pictures on her Instagram profile.

If Instagram is anything to go by, Deepika and Ranveer were also seen baking a cake together. The actress credits her mother for her culinary capabilities.

Malaika Arora is another popular Bollywood celebrity who attributes her cooking journey to her son. In one of her interviews, she revealed how her son wanted her to cook for him, just like other mothers do.

She typically prefers cooking simple meals at home, but at the same time also enjoys giving a slightly new touch to good old desi food. She has also mentioned adding coconut to her food wherever possible as that’s her go-to ingredient. She considers it not just delicious, but also highly nutritious.

Malaika is one of those celebrities who loves to cook by replicating her mom’s signature recipes, so if you ever see her Instagram exploding with pictures of a good Malabar fish curry, you know why. Among her favourite magic ingredients is haldi - both fresh and powdered, aloe vera, and methi seeds. They are not just wonderful to consume but also amazing for our hair and skin when applied directly.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is popular for her love for fitness, but she is also a hardcore foodie! She often shares her culinary experiments with her fans on her YouTube channel as well as on Instagram. In her YouTube videos, she is seen using fresh ingredients for cooking her favourite delicacies such as salads and healthy snack options for kids.

Her son Viaan Raj Kundra often joins her in the videos, and is seen lending a helping hand during the cooking and baking sessions. In one of the interviews, her husband Raj Kundra mentioned how huge a fan he is of her culinary inventions. Shilpa also cooked on the popular reality TV show, Celebrity Big Brother, when she was a contestant there.

Junior Bachchan is supposedly an expert celebrity cook, and his chicken curries are famous in tinsel town. In one of his previous interviews, Abhishek mentioned that spending time in the kitchen is a stress-buster for him.

A chicken dish he supposedly loves to cook is the dahi chicken curry. We’re already huge fans here!

Madhuri Dixit Nene may be one of those celebrities who loves to cook, but joining her hands not just in life but also in the kitchen is her husband, Dr. Sriram Nene.

She regularly posts cooking videos along with her husband on her YouTube channel. One of the most popular dishes loved by her fans is the signature Maharashtrian kanda poha recipe. Her other popular recipes include Maharashtrian delicacies such as sabudana khichdi and modak. We love how regional food recipes are so easily available for us to even give it a fair shot at our homes!

Fans know that Kangana learnt how to cook at a very young age. Articles suggest that she had cooked a delicious meal for the cast and crew of the popular film, ‘Queen’, in London. During her free time, Kangana loves cooking pulao with a lot of green vegetables and spices.

Akshay Kumar not just creates magic on the big screen, but also in the kitchen. Everyone knows that he was a chef before joining the film industry. A big fan of Thai food, Akshay loves cooking for his family in his spare time. He’s also known for his Bangkok street-style delicacies. Celebrity cooking is loved by the fanbase. Akshay Kumar was also roped in as a host on MasterChef India.

The Drishyam 2 actor has revealed in a lot of interviews about his love for food and so has his wife, Kajol. Kajol further revealed that Ajay often closes the door of their kitchen and surprises his family with his experiments. Reportedly, Ajay cooks some delectable mutton dishes and is well-versed in cooking Mughlai and Chinese cuisines.

While Alia Bhatt’s YouTube channel often sees her revealing some secret recipes that her chefs prepare for her, she is also seen lending them a helping hand. The lockdown led her into the kitchen to learn some simple but delicious dishes she enjoys eating daily.

Given her dedication to fitness, sugar is something she doesn’t like to consume often. She is often seen baking some healthy, delicious desserts with her sister Shaheen Bhatt. Healthy chocolate cakes and grain-free paleo banana breads are what you get to see. Trust Alia to make chocolate cakes healthy!

Karisma, to all of us, has ruled the screens in the 90s, and is an actor that still holds ground to this day. She loves indulging in dal chawal and gorging on chocolate cake. Turns out, Karisma is a huge foodie who loves making new dishes at home and somehow manages to keep them healthy too.

The actor has been vocal about her love for home-cooked meals. If her Instagram feed is anything to go by, she enjoys her time in the kitchen where she whips up dishes for her family, friends, and staff.

Adil Hussain was recently seen as the RAW chief in the Akshay Kumar starrer, Bell Bottom. A passionate theatre artist, Adil is now one of the most loved actors in Hindi cinema. But, very few people know that Adil is one of those celebrities who loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen. He is an eternal foodie and a passionate chef. Read Adil Hussain’s interview to find out.

In her recent Instagram post, Huma Qureshi announced her upcoming project that is based on the life of acclaimed cookbook author and TV personality Tarla Dalal. This is the first biopic that this talented actress has signed up for. 

While playing the role of a chef on-screen, Huma deep-dived into the world of cooking off-screen too. Interestingly, on her birthday in 2022, she'd cooked an array of Gujarati delicacies for her family. She was quoted saying, "I decided to take a page out of Tarla Dalal's cookbooks and rustle up a meal for my family." She also added, “I have learned how cooking is an art that needs to be honed over the years. Food is such an essential part of our lives. There's nothing to beat good, healthy and home-cooked meals.”

Read on to find out how Huma Qureshi Will Be Whipping Up Yummy Food For Her Next Biopic - Tarla.

So, in case you’ve been wondering if your favourite actor loves eating the same food as you, and whether they have what it takes to please the culinary Gods, then we may just have answered all your questions.

Photo: Instagram/Shilpa Shetty Kundra