8 Best Cafes In Bengaluru To Grab Some Grub

Grab a quick bite or sip on some coffee at the best cafes in Bengaluru.

Published On Feb 01, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Social media can’t hear the end of Bangaloreans bragging about their wonderful city. But, it’s for good reason. This young and zestful city charms everyone with the best weather, the best breweries and the best food. Whether it’s the buttery, melt-in-the-mouth dosai or the delectable desserts at Glen’s, Bengaluru (previously known as Bangalore) cafes give you what you want. 

Indiranagar, Koramangala, Church Street and JP Nagar - the top four locations have the best cafes in Bengaluru. You walk through these lanes and you are bound to find the best coffee shops in Bengaluru that will have you head over heels in love with them. Apart from them, the Bengaluru cafes in Jayanagar also have a unique appeal to them. Bengaluru cafes are loved for their aesthetic, budget-friendly food or their specialities.

That said, the best way to experience this city is through the magical coffee shops in Bengaluru. Al-fresco spaces, artsy hole-in-the-wall cafes, rooftop cafes in Bengaluru and more; here is a list of the best Bengaluru cafes that you will fall in love with.

If you haven’t already been here, what are you doing? The DYU Art Cafe is a gorgeous space located in a traditional colonial home. It has a cute garden courtyard and first-floor seating along the length of the inner corridor. Most of its structure is in exquisite wood, which complements its green biophilic aesthetics really well. Bangaloreans love visiting the DYU Art Cafe in Koramangala for its art exhibitions, its rustic ambience and mouth-watering food. It is the most-visited coffee shop in Bengaluru. And, is one of the best cafes in Bengaluru. Try their burgers and you’ll also sip on some of the best coffee in Bengaluru here.

Klayworkz Barista has to be on your list of the best Bengaluru cafes. Its chic interiors, lip-smacking food and cosy vibe popularised it as one of the best cafes in Bengaluru. What’s more, the space also offers diners ceramic pottery to paint on. You can spend hours exploring your creativity, unwind by playing with colours and be the proud owner of a unique masterpiece. You get to take it home with you as a reminder of a day well spent. It is one of the most chic coffee shops in Bengaluru.

Order the Klayworkz’s jalapeno corn peppers, apple pie, brownies, creamy pasta and mudpie come well-recommended. They also serve some of the best coffee in Bengaluru.

You get the gist, right? India doesn't have a lot of pet cafes and this venture is definitely worth a visit. The menu has been designed by chef Abhijit Saha and features lots of yummy treats for you and your furry friend. The cafe takes inspiration from New York’s street food culture and is the perfect weekend getaway for you. The cafe’s menu focuses on plant-forward food that does not compromise on flavours. Their range of Asian curries, pizzas, pancakes, burgers, salads, smoothie bowls and pasta create a party of flavours on your palette. The cafe also has a separate menu for pets. You definitely should go to this Bengaluru cafe.

What to order there: The most recommended dishes to try at the Pet People Cafe in Bengaluru are their croissants, tempeh tacos, Venetian flatbread pizza and tiramisu jars.

Who doesn’t know this chain of cafes speckled across Bengaluru? Glen’s Bakehouse is your comfort zone. They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas, a large dessert menu and some of the best food that you will eat. The cafe’s vintage ambience and chic wooden decor, topped off with a gorgeous European theme, create the perfect Sunday brunch vibe. For most Bangaloreans, its desserts and the sense of nostalgia are what sets this place apart.

What to order there: Order their mini lemon tarts, carbonara, iced tea, chicken lasagna and cheesecakes because they are the best that you will ever eat.

The story goes that three young men opened a small coffee shop in Koramangala. What was just a place to experiment with unique coffee flavours, eventually grew into a large chain of stores across the country. Third Wave Coffee gives Indians good coffee at great prices. Their beans are sourced from the coffee plantations in Karnataka and the coffee brewed is always fresh and flavourful. The space is perfect for your Sunday outings, your Monday meetings and your mid-week cravings. They have outlets all over Bengaluru and the Bengaluru cafe in Jayanagar is the prettiest of them all. The Dome cafe in Bengaluru is another alternative you can check out.

What to order there: Get all their coffees, brownies, kulcha wraps and chocolate cookies. They serve some of the best coffee in Bengaluru.

The Hole in the Wall Cafe is your go-to for the perfect breakfasts. They serve the best pancakes, waffles and juices out of this world. Located on a quiet street in Koramangala, the cafe has indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Their vintage decor theme, mouthwatering menu and pet-friendly space make it one of the best cafes in Bengaluru. Spend time with a book, a friend or a date, the cafe has everything to meet your needs. It is still one of the most iconic restaurants in Bengaluru.

What to order there: Try their pancakes, veg casserole, lotus biscoff waffle, pizza omelette and french toast.

Truffles is one of those Bengaluru cafes that always has a queue outside it. Its multi-cuisine menu that serves international cuisines in Bengaluru, budget-friendly dishes and the best desserts ever make it a top choice. Often their menu leaves guests confused and spoilt for choice as every next thing sounds as good as the last one. So head to Truffles with your gang so you can order everything off of their menu. Pick from their ground-floor or top-floor seating and bask in the cafe's brilliant beauty.

What to order there: Their meatloaf, plum cake and smoked turkey are some popular Christmas specials. Apart from that, don't forget to try their bubble tea, wood-fired pizza and lamb pasta.

Want to indulge in a mindful space, good coffee and fun conversations? The Paper and Pie are one of the best cafes in Bengaluru to do just that. Located in the heart of Indiranagar, this sophisticated and spacious cafe has heavy footfall on weekends. On weekdays you'll find a handful of people getting work done while sipping on the city's best coffee. Their gourmet delicacies make every date, brunch or solo time out fun. The cafe also has a podcast room and a meeting room so you can get work done, your way.

What to order there: Try the pulled lamb burger, tartine and French toast at this Bengaluru cafe.

This is not the end of all the beautiful Bengaluru cafes that are hidden in plain sight in the city. You have cafes on some of the prettiest streets and the Bengaluru cafes in Jayanagar are incomparable. You can go to Rasta Cafe, Dome cafe, and several other rooftop cafes in Bengaluru to get the best coffee. Every day is a new day because there is always something to do in the city. If you aren’t a fan of cafes, you can even go pub-hopping in the many pubs in Bengaluru.

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