5 Simple Coconut Recipes To Try This World Coconut Day

From sweet to savoury, coconut can be used in a plethora of recipes that are both delicious and easy to prepare.

Published On Aug 31, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


World Coconut Day is observed on September 2nd each year to celebrate the numerous benefits of coconuts, promote their cultivation and usage, and raise awareness about their economic, environmental, and nutritional significance. This day is an opportunity to recognize the importance of coconuts in various aspects of life, from agriculture and food to cosmetics and traditional medicine.

On the occasion of World Coconut Day, here’s a salute to the humble coconut. From sweet to savoury, coconut can be used in a plethora of recipes that are both delicious and easy to prepare. 

In this guide, we'll explore a collection of easy coconut recipes that you can try in your kitchen, showcasing the delightful flavours and textures that coconut brings to the table.


The marriage of vibrant beetroots and creamy coconut milk creates a harmonious and visually striking combination in this delicious soup. Beetroot is not only known for its stunning hue but also for its nutritional benefits, while the rich and velvety coconut milk adds depth and a touch of tropical luxury. With this recipe, you can explore how to make a comforting and nourishing creamy coconut milk beetroot soup that's perfect for both chilly evenings and sunny days.


Coconut cookies are a delightful treat that brings a touch of tropical flavour to your baking repertoire. These cookies combine the rich sweetness of coconut with the classic cookie texture, resulting in a delectable snack that's perfect for sharing with loved ones or enjoying on your own. With this recipe, learn how to create irresistible coconut cookies that will transport your taste buds to a sunny paradise.


Coconut barfi is a beloved Indian sweet that holds a special place in cultural celebrations, festivals, and joyous occasions. With its delectable combination of coconut, milk, and sugar, coconut barfi offers a delicate texture and a delightful balance of sweetness and nuttiness. With this simple recipe, you can make this traditional Indian treat that has been cherished for generations. 

Tavsali is a traditional and popular dish from the Konkan region of India, specifically from the state of Goa. It is a type of steamed cucumber cake that is enjoyed as a snack or as part of a meal. Tavsali is known for its unique combination of flavours, incorporating grated cucumber, coconut, jaggery, and aromatic spices. It's a delightful and refreshing dish that showcases the culinary diversity of the region. Here's how to make it


Coconut lentil soup is a nourishing and flavorful dish that combines the richness of coconut milk with the heartiness of lentils. This fusion of ingredients creates a velvety and aromatic soup that is both comforting and satisfying. This simple and delicious coconut lentil soup is perfect for warming up on a chilly day or enjoying as a wholesome meal.

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